An exception

Technology allows humans to backup their minds and then transfer them to a clone body in cases of death. Laws prohibit multiples of any one person at a time. However, for you, they've made an exception.

I look at a small crowd of people. What is it 40, maybe 60 Jack Dangers?Scumbags.

I pull the trigger, my rocket is launched, and small mushroom of an explosion blossoms where they used to be a moment ago.

I look at my tablet to check out the stats. Only 1890 copies to go. I rub my hands in satisfaction.

Nobody is allowed to make more than one copy of themselves, breaking this rule is punishable by complete extermination, and defragmentation of all the mind-backups from the Vitality servers.

There's only one exception to this rule - me. My job is to hunt everyone who breaks this rule, and, as you can imagine, it can get quite tedious.

So many wannabe super villains obsessed with the world domination, or paranoid weirdos terrified of being denied the next revival, keep attempting to make as many of themselves as possible.

There's no way a regular police force could exterminate so many copies, especially if some of the copies have already started making their own copies and growing exponentially.

That's where I come in, as an extermination expert, I am allowed to make a small(or a huge) army of my own copies, until every last one of transgressors is hunted down.

Of course, each copy of me has a self-destruction period, so that I wouldn't be tempted to keep my own copies as well, so once the rocket has landed, I feel the unpleasant throbbing sensation in my neck, as the detonator is getting ready to blow my head off.

My mission here is complete. Here's to hope the original me will enjoy his payout for this job.

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