Ark 1 part 1

Small and tender fingers gripped onto the slim length of a quill as it attempted to make steady and clear words from shaky letters on the page of a parchment. The fingers and the coach quarreled long both stubborn to fulfill its task. Small light streamed onto the parchment, on the small suit case, on the small laps, from the slightly cracked window blind letting in a small contrast to the rather dark coach.

" what so serious about darling?" a deep but coarse voice said from the other side of the coach.

The dark figure on the other side of the coach flinched as he could feel and almost definitely see the made out grey of the little eyes in the dark as it threw him a glare.

The dark figure knew his little lady remained angry as he had countlessly in one day annoyed her and the sun was yet to set on his sins.

" darling, I thought I had expained my self and apologized too. Why do you continue to punish me with your silence?" the man in the dark asked but yet again met with silence.

Though this time spared the anguish of her glare, he could feel words screamed at him in the familiar little and soft voice where there was none a sound, safe the coach that rocked on.

He had always felt that way about her or better yet she had always been that way. The air around her never quite seemed playful even as she played. One would always worry not to offend her. The coach stopped signaling his time to face death as they had arrived their destination. He hurried out of the coach to open up her side of the coach door but the coach man had beat him to it. He, like every on in his household showed more loyalty to her than they ever did him.

The coach doors opened and little silver rested shoes came first as it graced the stony grounds. Hair as white as snow, demanded attention as it flowed down a small back adorned by a cream satin in lace dress. Furrowed light brown brows framed angry grey eyes on silk white face.

" Lucy, you must swallow your anger every noble lady your age must attend some sort of education by royal decree. This is every growing lady's fate." the man scolded.

"no papa, there is no fate. There is only me and what I allow happen to me." Lucy answered straightening her dress.

"the world does not work that way my darling." her father sighed.

" lets talk no more of this, papa. I am already here." Lucy said looking round the court yard.

The path was stoned to the door way. A fountain stood at the center of the walkway. Well trimmed grass and shrubs adorned the courtyard.

" promise me you will stay in school and make the most of it." he father said.

Lucy finally turned after taking in the court yard and looked up at him with blank eyes.

" I promise to make the most of it." she said relieving the large man to smile at last.

He kissed her forehead before returning to the coach to return home. Only then did he realize she only promised to make the best of it, making his worried face return.

Lucy did not take note of the helps that took in her luggage. She only looked straight as she walked towards the door of the bulding laid out like a small castle.

A tall woman waited for her at the entrance with her head high, hair tied into a tight bun and hand clapped in front of her.

" welcome to courtuff ladies academy, lady Torgenn. I am Mattle Muburg. I'm you chief maid. If you would follow me my lady." the older woman said and started to walk away.

"Its Lady Wickshire. Have that corrected immediately" Lucy instructed making the older woman pause for a bit allowing Lucy to walk past her into the building. The older woman hurried after her.

" i'm sorry my lady, I was told to expect lady Torgenn. If you would please wait for me to verify with my superior" The woman made a small bow and dashed away. Lucy did not wait instead took time to look around. She soon found her self in a grand hall and it seemed like it was being prepared for an occasion. Mrs Muburg soon found her and rushed over.

" please, there has been a misunderstanding. We do not have a lady wickshire in our accounts. If you would please come with me to the headmistress." Mrs Muburg said, but Lucy continued walking.

"have that sorted soon" She said, as she continued walking away. Mrs Muburg immediately turned and rushed back to her superior.

"Madame, the lady insists it be sorted fast." Mrs Muburg said. The older woman stared at mrs Muburg in anger before turning towards the headmistress' office. She knocked twice before allowed in by the voice inside. Behind the large desk sat a lanky lady and before her, a man well known to all of them.

"forgive me my lady, we have a bit of an issue." the older woman said.

"what?" the headmistress asked.

"we were expecting a lady Torgenn today but instead a lady Wickshire turned up." the woman explained.

"who? There is no such person in our books." the headmistress said.

" exactly my lady." the woman agreed.

" its the same person." the man sitting before the headmistress said

"what do you mean Wensworth?" the headmistress asked.

"the person mostly known as lady Torgenn is really in formality, Lady Wickshire. That's her formal title" Wensworth said

"answering a different title from her father?" the headmistress asked. that's the level of her importance" Wensworth answered.

"quickly get her to her chambers. Have her well taken care of." The headmistress ordered.

The older woman immediately turned and passed down the information as she rushed out of the office. It did not take long for Mrs Muburg to be seen hurrying through the halls looking for Lucy but to no avail. She started to wonder if the lady had returned home after the long delay. Her mind immediately went to the head mistress who she knew would not hesitate to fire her in a second.

She soon recognized the white hair that fell down a slender small back as she rushed into the drawing room. She took a second to calm her self before approaching the lady.

"sorted?" the soft voice asked before she reached her, without looking back to see her.

"forgive me my lady, I'm completely at fault." Mrs Murburg apologized. Lucy remained silent as she started to walk away.

"hurry up" she said softly to the older woman. Soon she was led into luxurious chambers were before her waited two girls who Lucy was sure were in their early mids of life.

"They are Shilla and Taylor. They are you personal maids what ever you need I'm confident we can make it happen." Mrs Murburg said as the two girls curtsied.

"are you now?" Lucy commented.

"what is happening tonight?" Lucy asked.

"there is a welcome ball." Shilla, the much slimmer girl answered.

"shall we start looking for what to wear?" Taylor asked. Lucy did not answer as she found her way to a and sat.

"the pale yellow dress with the soft launch l leaving lacing." She before looking out the window to discover a backyard garden.

She ignored the maids for a while before getting up and heading to the where she found warm water waiting. She quietly stripped and got in. After a while of cleaning she got out and toweled as she took dinner. It was a while before she dressed ready for the ball.

The maids were awkwardly quiet as they had no idea what to do. They were all experienced in their work. The least of years any of them have worked is five years. Yet this was the first time they had ever met a young lady that has made them this uncomfortable.

Her choice of clothes were plain and she wore no jewellery like the rest of the ladies. They led her out of they room and into the ballroom which seemed to worry down as she arrived late cutting into the head mistress' speech.

A man stood by the corner completely bored out of his mind. His suit expensive and sharp while he leaned on the wall lazily. His ears peeked as silence momentarily seized the room. He looked up to find the source of the silence. A lady had arrived late. Her the maids following behind her before finding a corner aside as their lady stole attention.

Some second later, the headmistress continued her speech. He took in the lady's plain clothes. He noticed she wore no jewellery. His eyes made its way to her face. Though he was sure he has never set eyes on her before he knew exactly who she was. Overlooking the glaring white hair, a symbol of her identity, he saw the look in her eyes. She had power and she knew it.

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