Ark 1 part 2

She was exactly the client he needed ,he glanced at all that ladies in the ball room, she was the most mysterious of them all. His face paused into a frown as he saw a chubby man approach her.

Lucy stood like a as the eyes of the room feasted on her.

“hello, i'm Jo Jodanham.” a chubby man introduced. Lucy maintained a blank expression as she replied.

“lady Wickshire.”

“its an honour my lady, I am an asset manager. My lady, if in any time in the future you need such, I am your man.”

“asset manager? I've never heard of such.”

“its a highly respectable profession my lady, I, for example would manage you possesions in your stead so you do not need to bother about details and numbers.”

"I'll tell it to you straight Mr Jodanham, I have no intention of letting anyone manage my assets. No one in this room at all. I'm going to assume you are not the only asset manager here.”

“oh of course not but there are others from other professions.”

“what assets does a lady truly have that her drawer cannot manage. A respectable proffesion? Well i'm guessing you all here are at the bottom of the carrier chain if so. But you are in luck Jodanham.” Lucy said silencing the now sweating fat man.

“though I have no need for these asset managers, I do need an obedient boy. One who would do as told. As for the money involved, i'm sure a man such as you self would need more money. If you are interested, then leave you contact address with my maid, the redhead wearing pale pink bow on her weave. Good night.” Lucy said and turned away.

Jodanham stood frozen in place as he watched the lady stroll away. Only then did he notice he was sweating in the well aired room. Only once in his live was he ever as scared as he is now. Something about the way she looked at him. Which made he scared out of his mind, as she only looked into his eyes for some seconds before looking away. He did not know if to run or do as she said. Though all she did was make an offer, he felt it more like a command. And he knew some where in his heart that he would be seeking death to disobey a command from her. As if led by chin, he walked over to the maid and handed over his contact address. Though he felt a relief from the knowledge he had escaped a horrid experience, he felt as if he had just signed away his life on that address.

Lucy stood a while and watched as others conversed and made small talk before leaving for the night. Her maids followed her back to her chambers where they helped her change and settle in for the night. After the night sang of silence, Lucy decided to know for her self every part of the school. She walked round in the dark with nothing but the lamp lit up on the hallways to show her a path.

As she walked, a lot came through her mind. She wondered why the headmistress gave her three maids when all others had one. Clearly a school such as this had people of more importance and status than she. Unless the criteria for importance was totally different and there is a method of determining importance. If so, why was she awarded such on her first day. She recalled who the ladies referred to as the head mistress. The stiff young woman in her late mids. She remembered how for a moment the woman's eyes rested on her.

“who goes there?” said a male voice.

“ I am known as the lady Wickshire.” Lucy said in the dark.

“forgive me my, lady.” the voice replied and a young boy stepped into the light.

“ what are you called?” Lucy asked.

“ Walter. my lady, Walter Krain”

“are you alone Walter?” Lucy asked.

“yes my lady.” Walter answered. Lucy suddenly had a thought. She accessed the young boy before her. She knew what she needed. Trusting anyone in this school is a stupid thing to do. She needed someone that could come and go as pleased. Someone no one knew about.

“do you live here?”

“no I live in the nearby village.”

“i would like you to deliver something for me Walter, I will pay in gold.”

“my lady?”

“as long as you remain discreet as you do so, then you shall be rewarded. Can I trust you with this task?”

“yes my lady.” Walter hurriedly answered after a moment of pause.

“ good.” Lucy said walking into the light for the first time. Walter stared into eyes reflected by light. Her white nightgown and white hair made her out as ghostly.

“heed my words Walter Krain. When I ask of you a task, fail, if you must but do not be found failing. If you are found or tell of my acts to any but those instructed to you or even dismiss my instructions, I will gift you death to take home for all of yours same of blood to share. Instead stay as you are and change to what you could be by my side and I will make you make you my own"

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