Ark 1 part 3

Walter felt a chill down his spine as he took in the lady's words. He was a boy just past his seventeen years, almost eighteen. Yet before him was a girl he was sure was just approaching her ten-eleven-twelve years. Yet she held the ability to turn him stiff in fear.

"I will keep my word my lady." Walter stuttered.

"good. Can you find your way to the last window facing the west garden?" Lucy asked.

"of course my lady." Walter answered quickly.

"be there in 20 minutes." She instructed and immediately retreated into the dark. Lucy found her way back to her room. She took a piece of parchment and carefully wire down instructions. She retrieved the contact which Mr Jodanham had left with her maid and placed it on the two envelopes containing a letter each. It did not take long till she heard a knock on her window. She got up to open it. She the letters as well as the contact address to Walter from her window.

"to that address. Give the smaller letter first to no one but the name on that address. Only after he signs it, are you to give him the second. Do only as I have instructed. Retrieve the signed letter from him before you leave. Return this to me this time tomorrow and I will pay."

"okay my lady." Walter hastily answered from the other side of the window.

"that is all." Lucy said.

"I'll take my leave then." Walter said disappearing into the night. He wasted no time. He mounted his horse and rode out from the school. He had taken a good look at the address and it was far into town. That was in the opposite direction of his home. He knew this job would take him a while and some where in his mind he worried about what his father would say when he arrived home.

He shook the thought off his mind as he silently nudged ahead his horse. After an hour rush of rude in the biting cold, Walter felt eager to be done with his instructions. He had arrived the said address so he paused for a breath. He walked up the stone steps leading towards the large door. With two knocks, a lanky man answered.

"yes." Walter heard a shrill voice say.

"I have a package for Mr Jodanham." Walter answered.

"hand it over." The lanky man said.

"you are not Mr Jodanham." Walter said as a fact. Though he had never met the man in question, he knew such a man would not open his own door.

"I will collect it for him. Don't waste my time boy, hand it over." The man sounded irritated.

"my instructions were clear. Only Mr Jodanham can collect this and no one else. It is best you inform him of this. This is not a matter he can over look." Walter said.

"I am not allowing you dirty thing in here." The man snorted.

"then I suggest you start searching for another employer. I guarantee you will loose this one if you don't inform him." Walter said. The lanky man retreated inside for a while before returning.

"come in." He said to Walter. Walter followed him inside. It took him a while to adjust to the light inside. He quickly took in the empty space. Though the house stood big and sturdy, it was devoid of furniture. The lanky man led him up stairs to they stood before a large door. The lanky man knocked twice before opening the door for Walter to enter. Walter said into another empty space except for the books and documents scattered around the room. Except the single shelf by the corner, a large desk sat before him. On the other side of the desk sat a chubby man with his nose in a book.

"who are you and what do you want?" The man grumbled.

"I have a package for you." Walter said dropping the first envelope on the desk. Mr Jodanham glanced briefly at the boy before opening the package. It was a letter. One look and he knew who it was from. He was clear on what she wanted from him. It was a contract. One that not only binds him but his future. Until released from her service, he must do as told and with the utmost discretion. The room suddenly felt hot and stuffy as he started at the paper before him.

"sign it." Walter said.

"what makes you think you can forget place and start giving me advice?" Mr Jodanham said in anger.

"it wasn't an advise, it was an order." Walter said passively.

"what?" Mr Jodanham frowned.

"what gives you the right to think you had a choice in this? When she gives you something to sign, it means you must. Why are you still thinking? It's dark and I have to be done with this." Walter said.

He knew he had no place to tell the man what to do but looking at him hesitate made Walter frown. He had met the lady and he was sure of one thing. She was not giving the man before him an option. It was an order. Mr Jodanham signed on the place below and looked up to find Walter's stretched hand. He returned it to Walter and Walter handed him the second letter.

"I'll take my leave now." Wallet turned and left Mr Jodanham starting at the door he just closed.

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