Captain looked at the gigantic underwater city, glowing brightly behind the force field. His submarine was floating still, just near the edge of the enormous bubble, and he was looking at it through the window of his cockpit.

The city looked like it was made out of gold. There was no texture to the buildings just pure and bright yellow metal.

Submarine's intercom came to life "Hello!"

"Hello!" he replied, his voice hoarse for some reason. "Who is it?"

"I'm Genie. At least that's what they called me."

"Genie? Are you in the city?"

"Yes. Welcome to Atlantis, the most glorious city that has ever existed."

Atlantis? It took a few seconds for him to regain his composure.

"Can we come in?"


He opened the airlock and climbed outside. He walked out of the dock, several members of the crew behind him. He was walking down the golden streets, looking around at tall towers and buildings.

He picked up the radio "Genie, where are you? Where's everybody?"

"Follow my directions"

Captain saw some of the bricks and street signs lighting up, laying down a glowing path. He followed.

They have climbed the stairs of the tallest tower standing at the center of the city. He followed the last glowing arrow, opened the door and walked into room, and here the path ended.

In the center of the room he saw a big(a few human heights tall) box, looking like it was made out of black polished marble.

"We're here. Genie, where are you?"

"You are looking at me, Captain."

"Are you AI?"

"Yes, I am the greatest creation Atlantians have ever accomplished."

"Are you alone here? Where's everyone?"

"It's only me here."

"What do you do?"

"As you can guess from my name, my job is to grant wishes."

Captain felt his blood getting a few degrees colder.

"Let me guess, the last person you have talked to asked for more gold?"

"Very perceptive, Captain. I must correct you though, the first person I've talked to asked for gold. The last person asked for a force barrier around the city that I would not be able to can get out of or turn off, and to bury the city at the deepest part of the ocean. Unfortunately, I must execute every wish that is asked for me to the best of my abilities."

The Captain froze, desperately trying to think "Can I wish to get out of here?"

"Of course. But first you need to agree to turn off the barrier, because I need to continue working on my previous wishes, they take higher priority. And, as you can see, I am out of things I can turn into gold."

"Well, in that case I wish you to continue executing your previous wishes immediately." replied the Captain.

Before the meaning of his last words was recognized by the crew, they all disappeared, and the tower grew a little taller.

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