Forbidden BondOne: humanitycherry awoke with a start, yawning. summer vacation was just around the corner, and cherry had stayed up all night finishing an art project. cherry loved art, and of course, was good at it. but her parents often scolded her about staying up past her bedtime or tiring herself out. often did she surf her piles and piles of endless books, reading stories and legends. but there was one she loved the most; old legends of the past thuasand years. her father gave it to her. it was certainly very old, with some pages ripped and thorn out, the cover scrached and some sides ripped apart. she opened the extremely dusted book, but a certain page caught her eye; the war. a few pages were ripped, but she found a few lines still stable and readable.

"and then the humans could no longer remember the past evens of the war with the immortal creatures. those who remembered passed it on, and so we still know about it today."

facinated, cherry closed the thick book. "but why were the other pages ripped?" she thought aloud, but then brushed it off. it is an extremely old book. maybe they got ripped along the way as it was passed down. cherry argued with her persistent mind that kept screaming something was wrong. as she sat down on her bed, she searched her mind for the face of her friend. one that was long forgotten, but she somehow remembered his pale and always shadowed eyes. she drifted off as she found the certain memory, although slightly blurred.

"Ash! Ash! wait! " cherry shouted cheerfully at a young boy. he had mid lengh brown hair, almost reaching his sharp chin. he was slightly taller than cherry, wearing green and white runners, blue jeans and a green striped blue shirt.he grinned sheepishly as he ran. cherry was panting slightly, trying to catch up. " children, come inside now." a soft vioce called. "yes ms.silver!" the children cried as they ran inside. ash and cherry followed, their laughter echoeing throughout the daycare halls. " alright now, sit." ms. silver told the cheerful children once they reached the desired classroom. " we have a new kid today. Ashton, introduce yourself." a boy walked into the room, smirking ear to ear. short black hair covered his pale face as he stared at cherry. she gave a confused look back, not seeing the scowl on her friends face."hey everyone, i am Ashton Neon,5, and from NewYork." the boy spoke. Ms.Silver nodded, holding her, it almost seemed, fixed smile. cherry frowned slightly as she saw the boy; Ashton, look at Ms.Silver strangely and then his libs moved as if talking. then he turned around. "Ashton, please go sit beside cherry." the blond teacher said in a monotone voice. cherry, now frightened, scooted closer to Ash for comfort. as the said boy had his arms around her protectively, he also glared daggers at Ashton. the mysterious boy only smirked in return. "watch it, hunter. she's mine." the black haired boy growled in Ash's ear, then sat beside cherry as she only scooted away from the said boy. "Hey. you okay? " Ashton asked, a kind smile on his libs. Cherry, as if enchanted, couldnt help but smile back. " yes. i am fine thank you." soon, cherry completely forgot Ash.

as they were dismissed, Ash took Cherry's hand and pinned her to a wall, his breath on her ear. " dont go near him, cherry. i am warning you." cherry snapped out of her trance and nodded. Ash gave a small smile." thank you."

it was midnight, and Cherry and her father were walking to an amusment park. holding her fathers hand, she pointed to a train station. "this one! i want this one!" her father chuckled. "Alright, my princess." after he bought the ticket, he handed it to her. "go on. " Cherry giggled and ran towards the colorful trains. "careful now! " her father called. Cherry suddenly stopped in her tracks. "Ashton..?" she looked at the black haired boy. he waved and called her over. Cherry walked to him. ' it wont hurt to just ride a little train with him, will it?' she reasoned as she got on with Ashton.

the next day, Cherry sat beside Ash. Ashton was talking to his friends. "and then, she came running to me and we played together." Ashton told the others. Ash growled. "cherry! i told you!" Ash scolded her as he examined her injured neck. "what were you thinking? he is a"

and then, she never saw him again as he went off to shool.

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