Core Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Wikipedia Page

Talking about digital marketing, in particular, you must have noticed how businesses and individuals tend to rely on paid marketing techniques but they would never consider getting a Wikipedia page. Maybe because new startups are now exposed to the thought of using Wikipedia as a marketing tool but they should be. Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for marketing however; uploading a page on Wikipedia is not costing you anything. Why not make the most out of it then?

Wikipedia is surely a valuable marketing platform and it should never be neglected as it carries great potential in building a brand or person’s visibility. The process of Wikipedia page creation might be arduous and for that reason, you have to be very careful about choosing what to do and things you should not do.

What you should not do

Using a promotional tone

Wikipedia has set a number of guidelines that everyone must abide if they want to publish on the platform. The editors take down content with promotional elements and advertising as it clearly shows guideline violation. Promotional content can be uploaded on Wikipedia but if the moderators find it to be violating the rules then it is immediately removed. Therefore, it is something you should always keep in mind.

Multiple publications

If your profile or article has been removed or disapproved by Wikipedia once or twice then do not upload the same content multiple times. If the editors find it then they will not only blacklist you but will also ban you from the platform for good. If you think your content is not promotional but requires some editing then you can always reach out to a professional Wikipedia editor. If you have faced rejection once then we recommend you to work with professional writers at once.

Awards for personal promotion

It is certain that every business or person would have been given some sort of an award but it is never recommended to mention it on your Wikipedia page. It sounds promotional and that is one thing you should never put into your wiki page. That means you have to stick to a neutral tone and even if you want to mention those awards, try to use a tone or a point of view that does not seem too bias. You can make such content informational but if it is more to the marketing side then you will have to consider doing it all over again.


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