Did you know how advantageous 5 axes machining is?

You might be curious to know about 5-axes machining and its characteristics, aren’t you? Fundamentally it’s a cutting tool that is designed in such a manner that it can move to the number of directions. It rotates on the A and B axis. Also, it moves across the X, Y and Z linear axes as well. This tool can approach the workpiece from all directions.

This machine has the capability of creating intricate and precise parts for car molds, oil and gas machine parts, titanium pieces, aerospace products, and artificial bones, etc. The accuracy can be increased and the setup time can be reduced.With this stouter and shorter tool, Z-depths and heavier cuts aren’t a problem.

What are the benefits of 5 axes machining?

• This machine helps to cast the extremely complex parts, including solid too.

• An extortionate amount of time can be saved in hole drilling. The head is oriented along the suitable axes, hence the drilling gets done automatically and quickly.

• Shorter cutting tools are enabled. Because the cutter is oriented towards the surface and the head is lowered towards the job. In consequence, the vibration of the tool is reduced and the higher cutting speed is achieved.

• It can cut complex shapes in a completely single setup, that saves cost time and operator error.

• This results in an improved surface finish. Not every shop can provide this machine, hence you have the chance to win competitors and gain revenue.

5 axes machining is an improved tool that results in less requirement of large tools and. Also with this, improved accuracy leads to a lower risk of costly mistakes. Indisputably, a 5 axes machine is an investment that helps in lowering inventory investment, costly fixtures, and floor space requirements. Alongside this, it increases spindle usage and flexibility.

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