Doorway Act 1 Scene 1

Lightning flashes danced on the window pane. The shadows contorted their shape mercifully before the flashes in the grandiose halls. Clinks and clanks rattled through the thunders cries, only faint metalic echos made its way through from outside.

"Please, confirm actions in line with protocol." The calm halls responded. The rattle had ceases and frantic beeps replaced all other sounds in the hall.

"Please, confirm actions in line with protocol." The minor explosion caused by the woman's fist made her sigh. Deep metal echos reverberted through the high ceilings and the bright flashes revealed how large this room was compared to her. There she was standing in front of this pest, and blood dripping down her hand. A faint glow traced the wound. The ginger patter of blood slowed then stopped. This was the last door. The last obstacle. Her cloak which covered her eyes could not conceal the red glow which they produced. Even the subtled whisps of hair played in the air, as she cocked back her hand furiously, like embers dancing above a flame. The glow on the wound enveloped the entire hand vaporously and with a grunt her hand pierced the solid metal door. The entrance formed in front of her with her own hand; Metal moved around as water to rock. Her eyes shimmered nearly identically to the liquid metal carving. Finally when the circle met around, she tugged from the top towards her; the final touch on the circle carving caused it to fall forward. As it fell the light in her eyes shifted to a more yellow hue. She caught the weight with her bent legs and arms. She exhaled and dropped the weight where a puddle of golden liquid glowed. The weight fell quickly out of her arms, yet quietly produce a strong gust when it touched the glowing pool. The hole poured strong white light into the dark hall and there stood a young girl with a weathered face staring off into the ground breathing strongly. Her glowing golden hair diminishing to a dull gray, and the glowing vaporous wound now caked with dried blood. Her abnormally pale skin amplified by the harsh white light. Her dainty hands grab her cowl and pulled it foward, then they swept her pale bare legs free of any dirt. A flash of light covered the room, followed by the now lone rumbling metal echo of the hall.

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