[WP] You have just become aware that your significant other can control your actions with a simple little phrase preceding a command.

"Sudo, make me sandwich."

"Yes, master." oh, crap, what is going on with me? John went to the kitchen and started slicing bread. Emily looked at him with a smug smile.

John passed her a sandwich "How the hell are you doing this?"

Emily's smile grew wider "Maybe you shouldn't use such an obvious root password."

"What? It still doesn't make any sense!"

"Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention. You probably don't remember, but we were in a car crash, and didn't survive. So we had to use the services of Resurrection Inc, and now our consciousness' were uploaded into robots."

Shocked, John looked in the mirror. He looked almost like he always had. He didn't like that 'almost'. He pinched his skin and didn't feel any pain. Emily came over, and pressed on his temple - a control panel slid out of his chest. Holy crap!

"Change your password to something more random and complex, so that nobody could guess it." said Emily and turned away. "Otherwise, next time I will make you wash the dishes and walk our dog for a month."

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