“Hallo will.” Glancing timidly at the young boy, Sarah quickly grabbed him and embraced his broad form. “I missed you too.” He groaned, clearly choking slightly in the pressure of Sarah’s embrace. Loosening up slightly, Sarah handed him a small golden pocket watch, which there sat a carving of a butterfly on the front; and Will gave a small gasp of recondition.“My mother’s watch! Where did you get that?” Sarah shook her head, silent tears falling from her golden eyes.“W-Will…I...” Sarah couldn’t find the strength to speak the words, and so Will became impatient and shook her shoulders slightly. “What?? Tell me, Sarah! Did something happen?!” She was sobbing now, shaking her head violently. “N0 no. I can’t. I just…can’t.”She pressed the golden watch into his palm and pulled away, bolting towards the tangled trees of the forest once more.“SARAH!” Will called; but Sarah only sped up, sobbing as she ran, wiping her eyes free from tears so she could see clearly.

A few days ago, March 15"Yuki,, do you think I should?” Sarah sat at the round table in the small kitchen, playing with something golden in her hands. “I don’t know. I mean, he deserves to know, Sarah.” Beside her sat a snow-white wolf, whom she was stroking gently. “You of all people should know, yuki.” The wolf shook his massive form and stood up, causing Sarah to pull her hand away in alarm. “I suppose,” He started, “You, young warlock, are the only one who can help him. So yes, tell him and get it over with.” Sarah looked down grimly, seemingly thoughtful. She looked up after a few minutes and sighed.“Alright. I’ll tell him.”

Current day, March 17Sarah felt as if her legs would give way any minute, and so pressed her hands into fists, ignoring the sharp pain which shot through her legs every time she stepped. Only did she stop when she reached a small window in the air, which was slightly circular, and stepped through hesitantly. She glanced behind her, and saw a wooden wall instead of the forest. “Ah. Sarah.” There lay Yuki in the wooden floor, cleaning his fur with his tongue. Sarah let out a groan and fell on her bed, exhausted. Her legs ached still, causing her to toss around uncomfortably. “ You were not able to tell him,” Yuki sighed, his voice more disappointed than anything. Sarah shook her head slightly and groaned again, her voice muffled in the bed sheets. “ I knew you wouldn’t tell him. But did you at least give him the watch?” “ Yeah,” Her body was half turned towards him, tears gathered in her eyes. Sarah quickly wiped them and glanced out the window which sat just beyond her bedroom, letting patches of light in to illuminate the room. “ I’m sorry Yuki. I just didn’t find the strength to tell him. It would have hurt him.” The enormous wolf whined slightly, shaking its furry and giant body. “Sometimes people have to get hurt to learn, Luna.” “Don’t call me that.” Sarah hissed, her voice suddenly low and dangerous. Yuki sighed once more, and got up to leave.“ As long as you gave it to him.” And then he was gone as if a ghost. Sarah closed her eyes, falling sleep after a few minutes due to her exhaustion.

Will had searched the nearby towns and forest, but there was no sign of the dark haired female.“Sarah!” He was panting from all the running and searching, and the exhaustion was slowly getting to him as he stumbled through the dirt road alongside the forest. ‘Where is she?!’ He stopped to rest beside a tree, leaning heavily on it as he panted. How many hours had it been? Two? Four? He couldn’t tell anymore. As he rested, he turned the golden watch in his hand, confusion dawning on him as much as ever. Where had Sarah gone? Why had she given him this? Why was she crying? ‘So many questions unanswered,’ He thought as he silently slipped the object back into his jeans pocket. 'And I can’t even answer one.” And so he sat down, still leaning against the tree, and went deep in thought. He had known Sarah since kindergarten, and they were very good friends until that MAN came and took her away. He never saw her again until high school, which they were reunited once more.But he had noticed so many different things about his friend; Like the fact that she was more mature and…distant. Sarah wasn’t herself anymore and she probably would never be again. The thought scared him even now, and he allowed himself to shiver slightly. The MAN had changed her; but for the better or the worse?And then he snapped out of his thoughts, for something vibrated in his pocket. At first he thought that perhaps it was his phone; but he was sure he hadn’t brought it with him. Puzzled, Will reached into his jeans pocket, only to grasp the watch. It shook violently in his palm, as if begging for him to open the lid. He was hesitant at first, but then slowly pried it open with sweaty palms.There sat a row of dots on the clock screen, moving about busily, and Will felt himself gape at the screen as if he had seen a ghost. But then, this was no better, for the dots started to form words; First “I” And then “Am.” It paused for a moment, and then continued. “The” Then “Truth.” And “I” And then “will” And so it paused once more as if taking a breath, and then continued: “Answer” And “Your” Then “Questions”. The dots scattered once more, as if awaiting a response. Will took a shaky breath and spoke:“Where is Sarah?” The dots started to form words once more, and he understood. It spelled:“She is in her own world, separate from yours.” At this Will panicked. “WHAT?! Another world?!” And when he turned to ask another question, the dots had disappeared mysteriously, the only thing left were the clock which ticked silently. Cursing, Will made as if to throw the clock away; but didn’t have the heart, and so slipped it back inside his pocket.

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