Happy blending!

Just like choosing makeup products from a reputable brand that offers quality, it’s also important to use the right kind of tools for blending the makeup. Once you try the sponge, I bet you’ll love it. It gives a natural finish and helps to blend the makeup deeply into the skin, making the skin look gorgeous all time every time. Sponges designed by the cosmetic sponge manufacturers are a must-try makeup tool to let the make up last longer especially during the summer season.

These days make up sponges are doing the rounds on every makeup blog and video and almost every makeup enthusiast is spotted using one. This is a must-have for girls who desire to achieve flawless skin after the application of makeup products like foundation, concealer, highlighter etc.

Benefits associated with makeup sponges

  • Great for applying makeup wherever necessary especially under the eyes, near the nose etc.
  • Provides airbrush like finish
  • Sheer out the foundation
  • Takes less time for the application and covers the larger areas of skin
  • Increase the longevity of makeup
  • It’s inexpensive
  • The size is perfect and fits the compact compartment
  • Doesn’t let the foundation look cakey
  • Can be used for both dry and wet application
  • Minimizes the wastage of product

Tips for maintaining the sponge

  • Wash them after every use.
  • Replace the sponge if it’s gone out of shape or smells differently
  • Pour any kind of oil on stained areas as the oil separates the makeup from the sponge and breaks the cosmetic ingredients
  • Always dampen your sponge before using it. Hold it underwater and wait till it squeezes the water. Using sponge in a dry state is a bad idea.

So that’s all about makeup sponges. Hope this will help you in purchasing an appropriate one for yourself.

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