How to evaluate your chances of enlisting on Wikipedia

Before knowing that how to make a Wikipedia page, evaluate your business in terms of significance - this is the most important requirement for publications in the encyclopedia. An object or topic is apparently significant if it is covered in sufficient detail in independent authoritative sources.

Significance in itself is a subjective concept. What matters to you is not necessarily important to others. Therefore, it is worth focusing on a third party - independent authoritative sources. And the definition clearly states what they should be.Firstly: they are truly independent. That is, the company's website as the only source of information is a bad idea. The same applies to promotional materials, press releases and paid articles in the media.

Secondly: authoritative. Publishing in nationwide media? Fine. Blogger post on social networks? But this is unlikely. Wikipedia has more trust in sources that pass editorial review, provide two-way arguments, and hold a neutral point of view. This includes newspapers, magazines, online media, scientific research, specialized catalogs, etc.

Thirdly: affordable or not. Information must be published so that it can be easily verified. For this reason, unconfirmed theories, rumors and assumptions cannot be used as a source.

If in doubt, ask a friend of the Wikipedia administrator (with more authority than a regular member) to give you insider advice and evaluate the chances of publication. If you understand that objectively are still not significant enough for the encyclopedia, you are likely to waste time writing and posting the article.

6 steps to create a Wikipedia page

So, you have weighed the pros and cons, estimated the chances of publication and decided to add a page. What's next? Following are some steps that can help you understand that how to create a Wikipedia page.

• Create an account.• Start editing other pages (for practice)• Gather information• Write content• Post an article• Follow the page

Useful life hacks for working with the encyclopediaPost an article in multiple languages. Despite the general rules, each section functions in its own way. For example, English language editors are considered even more challenging than other language ones.

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