The Infinite Spirits: Bennu Effect


In the middle of great nothingness is the great palace of the divines; a gigantic one made of clear crystal glass that only reflects what standing outside which is nothing but whiteness and glory. A heavenly deep voice echoed the palace vibrating the walls threatening it to break into pieces followed by tens of voices similar yet not as strong as the first one.

“Enough,” the voice said along with a sharp knock on a glass; the vision became clearer revealing what was behind the mighty walls. An endless white room with undefined walls and ceiling; five glass tables and chairs occupied with five people looking anxious and furious in the center.

The tables were arranged in a letter U shape, behind it were hundreds of people sitting sharply on white tiers of seats, they all dressed the same; in a white maxi long selves robes with hoods covering their heads. Each one had an enchanted beauty that is impossible for man’s eye to sustain. Their sharp crystal-clear eyes were staring angrily at one man standing right in the middle across from the five tables.

It was the man’s trail who seemed rather furious than ashamed or guilty. Everyone was eyeing his standing body angrily with every word their leaders said informing them with details of his felony. “We are not here to discuss what you have done, we are here to witness your retribution,” the same mighty deep voice said, and it belonged to the one sitting behind the middle table. It was a woman with sharp features and angelic powerful aura derived from her undeniable strength.

“I have not done anything wrong to be here!” the person standing in the middle shouted angrily— he removed his hood revealing his black hair and strong dominant features that looked different from the rest; it was filled with a grudge— “we are blindfolded, we deserve more than this world.”

“Enough Harut! This is not a game! You crossed your limits! You cannot proceed with your accusations.”

“It is not accusations! It is the truth! Gabriela, those creatures don’t deserve this world, they will destroy it and turn it to ashes! We are more powerful than them! We are luminous! We are divines; we deserve that world, not those weak creatures!”

“Who do you think you are to question who deserves what?!”— Gabriela hit both of her hands sharply on the glass table in front of her— “even if we are powerful, it is not in our nature to question, it is not our role to control destiny.”

“It isn’t fair or right! Those creatures are capable of hatred and destruction, they are not pure, aren’t you questioning why those weak creatures get it and not us?”

“What are you talking about?” another man sitting on the right table asked suddenly, he looked at Gabriela and saw how she warned Harut from talking further. Harut’s furious attitude didn’t stop him from telling the rest what put him into this nerve-wracking trial.

“ENOUGH.” Gabriela stood up and peered furiously at Harut. In a blink of an eye, he kneeled in front of them and metal chains held both his hands roughly behind his back and another wide chain covered his mouth and chin. “Lock him,” she told one of the divines sitting behind her and then walked away and her body slowly disappeared into thin air. As the rest of the divines watched her go; one of them glimpsed Harut looking rather amused than scared.

On the other side of the universe.

Alexandria, Egypt, April 17, 2000, 12:00 am.

In a breezy spring night, the city was quiet and peaceful with silver diffuse of moonlight covering a hundred years old mansion on the Mediterranean Sea coast owned by the Abaza family generation after generation. This night the entire house was a block of darkness except for one room with dim lights and heavy cigar smoke. The room was enormous with walls covered in books line after line and many certificates and prizes all with the same name and title.

The novelist Saad Abaza.

Tones of pictures all over the walls of the room with one person in common; a man throughout the years from his late twenties till his mid-sixties; he had light blue hooded eyes with an intense yet warm look. Saad was sitting on a traditional brown leather carver chair next to an opened balcony door, a cigar half-smoked and a glass of water on the table next to him. He was shaking his legs roughly as he stared at the door intensely.

His eyes shifted from the door to the clock next to it, before it hit 12:00 am, he stood up and opened a safe embedded behind the massive row of books next to the balcony from the right. He opened the heavy door of the safe and it revealed an ancient book with unique symbols on its dark-brown leather cover. He grabbed the book slowly and went back to his chair, he left the book on the table next to him and inhaled the thick smoke of the cigar.

He looked intimidated, yet his body was moving rather fast racing the clock before it made its usual noise, he flipped the pages until he reached the one, he wanted, he took another deep breath and then read it out loud. He looked at the clock and then held the glass. The ground vibrated from below and the lights flickered rapidly, it was a minor earthquake that didn’t fear Saad.

The door was white-colored one with flowers engraved on it, within the vibration of the ground, the door changed into a bigger one painted in brown with hieroglyphics engraved all over it. The vibration faded away; Saad got up leaving the book on the table then went to the door to open it. On the other side was a different room that has its own unique vibe, the door opened to a metal railing and stairs, he looked down and saw a man around his age sitting on a burgundy couch with a coffee mug between his fingers, he looked at Saad and smiled.

“I think he could help,” the man said and looked at someone standing in front of him. A shadow of a woman appeared from under the stairs. She stood in the middle of the room and looked at Saad, he gave her a genuinely sweet smile.

“Hello kiddo,” he said in a luxurious warm tone.

Beirut, Lebanon, November 7, 2023.

Heavy panting, fast running along with adrenaline-pumping inside his terrified veins, beads of sweat covered his small forehead. Nothing made sense, nothing seemed real, yet the feeling of terror was the most genuine thing he ever felt in his entire life. His pace was getting faster with every step, the air felt sticky and suffocating and his legs started to feel numb. His eyes shifted sharply into the fast view in front of him; it was dark and unfamiliar to his aghast soul.

He stopped suddenly catching his long-gone breath. He looked at his shaking legs and his bloody hands that rested briefly on his weak knees. “The girls,” he said and start running again. The darkness began to fade slowly with every fast leap he took; he didn’t stop running until what his eyes glimpsed force him to stop roughly and almost falling from the horrific place he was in.

A massacre was a simple word encounter with what he saw. His breath was stuck between his lungs refusing to get out of his unsteady body, his hands were shaking uncontrollably, and his warm tears ran over his hot burning cheeks hurting him yet he couldn’t move, he couldn’t believe his own eyes, he couldn’t believe it was too late. Aside from his fast-beaten heart, no muscle dared to move closer, he felt ravaged and enraged.

The city that no longer recognized is filled with a fire burning dead bodies, shredded flesh and running blood, his nose itched terribly from the unbearable smell of blood running between demolished buildings that looked like waterfall covering the cracked ground mixed with burning flesh.

Everything seemed slow and almost not moving; he blinked his eyes once waking him up from the heart-dropping shock. A horrific cry filled his ears forcing him to move his head toward it; dark cold black shadowy figure standing far, the city was dim almost completely dark, yet that large figure stood out clearly. Something behind it gave the figure an absolute light and aura that seemed foreign to it.

His body moved on its own; walking in a leap to stop the dark figure even though he didn’t know how or what it was, he kept his pace and stopped again when his vision became clear, and he saw exactly what it was. A young tall muscled man wearing an endless black cloth with an oversized hood, nothing was visual from the man’s body, but his tall defined figure clear underneath the black undefined cloth that looked merged with the cracked ground.

Hundreds of black wisps flew around his figure, the man moved to the left revealing what was giving him all this light. Behind the wisps was a beautiful woman with a devastated face and shaking beaten body and unstopped bleeding back, next to her were bright golden feathers laying on the ground with splashed blood over it.

The man laughed at her begging state and mercilessly hacked his right hand in the middle of her uprising chest, the woman screamed painfully; around his black veined hand, an unsustainable light came from within her weak standing body. He twitched his hand inside her chest, she screamed even louder almost sounded like a banshee crying threatened the ground to fissure deeper.

With his other hand caressing her raven hair, he watched her last tears ran over her luminous pink cheeks before he ripped her heart out, the light that was covering his hand inside her erupted violently over the last pieces of the city along with screams of the last two men standing.

“NO!” he screamed— jumping from his bed and falling hard on his face on the rough ground of his bedroom, he looked at his bed almost not believing his own luck that he was back in his room; safe and sound— the room’s light turned on and his eyes laid on the beautiful woman sitting on the bed looking at him terrified.

“Assad! Are you okay?” she said with a voice filled with terror and sleepiness. He looked at his wife who also looked safe and sound and sighed loudly. He stood up and went back to their bed next to her. She caressed his back whispering sweet words into his left ear, he held her other hand tightly with tears ran over his face. “Same vision?” she asked softly after wiping his warm tears.

He couldn’t talk, he just nodded and buried his sweaty head between her arms forcing her to lay back and hug him tightly. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do,” he said after a while.

She sighed hugging him even tighter and said, “You have to inform them about it… we need to stop it before it’s too late.” Assad closed his eyes and drifted into a deep sleep. If you Like the prologue and want to read the rest of the book, the link underneath will direct you to the book on Swoon Reads where it's available for free for short time. Would appreciate if you write down comment and an honest review.

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