I got through most of the day with Johnny nagging at me and tagging along. He was good company to have, though. Made me laugh quite a bit.

At lunch, i grabbed a tray and got some hamburgers. Johnny was right behind me ( of course), and he got fries. I stared, dumbfounded.

"Aren't you eating anything else?" The question seemed to knock him off guard, and he almost dropped the tray.

"Yeah...my mum said i ought to go on a diet."

"Why?" I still couldn't understand. He wasn't fat-not even chubby. I would even say he was physically fit. He shrugged as if saying 'Ah, parents.'

"Seems like i have gained a few pounds," I nodded, but didn't pursue the subject any further. " By the way, where do you guys live?"I was caught off guard. I did not expect John to ask me that sort of question.

Deciding whether to lie or not, I looked at john's bright blue eyes.

"The blue mansion on top of the hill." John seemed to process this-and then his eyes widened to the size of saucers.

"What?!" His shout was very loud, and the entire school stared at them. My cheeks turned crimson and I dragged John to the hallway.

"What is it??" I whispered. John had turned considerably pale, but managed to respond nevertheless.

"T-that mansion...it's haunted..." I furrowed my eyebrows.

"What? Don't be absurd!" John looked even paler in the dim lighting of the hallway.

"I-i- i am not! Anyone who has gotten there never came back!" I pondered this for a moment. He looked genuinely frightened. Massaging my forehead half because i hadn't had a good nights sleep- and half because my head ached thinking about that house being haunted. It didn't seem impossible; after all, it did give me nightmares. It had even changed my sister.

"Alright. I believe you. For now." John nodded, still very pale. I pat his back and put a hand on his shoulder gently.

"It's alright. I won't die," John narrowed his eyes at me, unconvinced. "Promise!" He then managed a weak smile and held his mouth to his hand, spitting into it. He then held it out to me for a handshake.

Disgusted, i cringed. But then thought better of it and spat into my own hand hesitantly, taking Johnny's hand. We shook our intertwined hands violently, and the second John let go i ran to the bathroom to clean my hands. Maybe to even barf a few times.

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