Importance Of Cyber Security

Cyber Security or Information Technology Security is the practice of securing computers and data from malicious attacks. Today Cyber attacks are the most common things. Most of the businesses are facing these kinds of attacks nowadays.

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Cyber Security is important to avoid potential threats from unlawful means. Different mechanisms are used to provide security to the information and the systems. There are some important factors of Cyber Security that need to pay much attention. Such as;

  1. New challenges: Trending technologies are growing day by day Due to which new challenges are upcoming with potential threats.
  2. Information wars: With global data scaling on a high level, the information wars are becoming huge. It seems to be more dominant in the upcoming years.
  3. Cloud storage security: Due to the shortage of storage systems, today most of the companies are moving towards cloud storage. It needs to protect the privacy of the information on the cloud. It also needs to have proper Cyber Security.
  4. Security from Ransomware: Ransomware is a spreading Cyber Security threat that encrypts the infectious files within the system. Here, the users are forced to pay a big amount to get the data safely.

Cyber Security examples The following are the best examples of Cyber Security. Such as; encryption, Authorization, authentication, internal controls, network security, secure coding, secure testing, audit trail, physical security, etc. Some other examples are defensive computing, monitoring, and managing vulnerabilities and so on. The above examples of Cyber Security are different techniques to protect data. Data backup, sandbox testing, password protection are also a few types of techniques to prevent complex issues.

Cyber Security certification path Today there is a great career opportunity in Cyber Security. In this regard, there are certain skills to be known such as TCP/IP, programming languages like Python, etc. Other than these skills, there are some certifications that make IT professional’s expertise in Cyber Security. Such as;

  1. CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker),
  2. CISC (Certified Information Security Consultant),
  3. NPTC (Network Penetration Testing Certification)

Moreover, there is a great future for these certified professionals in India. As the country is emerging in various businesses, there may be a threat from internal and external sources of the network. These need to be continuously monitored with high intelligence. It will happen only when more professionals will be engaged in this field. The career of these professionals might be challenging but they could live a great life.

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Cyber Security Career Path Cyber Security career is at its best. The career path in this field may start at entry- level like security analyst, IT security engineer but it will go on up-to a high end. Most popular positions in this career are as follows;

  1. IT Security Engineer
  2. Chief Information Security Officer
  3. Information Security Analyst
  4. Security Architect
  5. IT Security Consultant
  6. Security Systems Administrator and so on.

Here, security professionals may earn a handsome salary. It ranges from an average of Rs.6 Lakhs p.a. to a maximum of Rs 10 lakhs p.a. Moreover, it depends upon the skill and experience in this field.

Thus, the above writing explains the importance of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security to the modern world. Today there is an enhancement of technology in the business sector and other areas. So, the need for security and intelligence becomes necessary. The necessity of Ethical hacking and Cyber Security is simultaneous in today’s environment.

One, who wants to develop skills and knowledge in this area, can opt for Cyber Security Online Training from various sources. As it’s an emerging field of career, it will create more chances of career enhancement.

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