Inside the corrupted hearts of humans was no love; for they had lost the ability long before time; however there was one, who could feel just as much as you and me, and he was a small newborn who laughed for the first time.

Years passed and the child grew; But he did not know the ways of love, and knew not how to show affection, but he felt, just like you and i.

And nobody knew he belonged in that small town, or existed at all, for he himself thought he could not love.

He soon surprassed adulthood and left to study in another faraway town; where he got a small cramped apartment on 1st street and that was where he slept, and he still thought he could not feel.

At this time otherworldy creatures had authority over the human world, and gave strange medicine for all to take everyday; However it had no effect on the boy and he never knew, for he did not know what feelings were, but he felt them and thought that was what being indifferent was about; but the poor child would not find out for a long time. Perhaps next year, or when he was old and wrinkled, but he would find out someday, for he was the boy who could feel.

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