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Oracle ATG provides an open, server-side environment for building and deploying dynamic, personalized applications for the web and other communication channels, such as email and wireless devices.

ATG applications implement a component development model based on JavaBeans and JSPs. Developers assemble applications out of component beans (based on standard ATG classes or custom Java classes) by linking them together through configuration files in Nucleus, ATG’s open object framework. Page designers build the front-end interface for the application out of JSPs that use ATG’s DSP tag library. The DSP tag library makes it possible to embed Nucleus components in JSPs, and use those components for rendering dynamic content.

Why to opt for Oracle ATG?

The ATG platform includes ATG Dynamo Server Admin, an HTML-based interface that lets you inspect individual components at runtime. The default interface displays a component by listing its contained children and the values of its properties. Individual components can override this default behavior and provide their own servlets to act as the interface for that component. These custom servlets can also subclass the default servlet, so that it looks like the normal default servlet, possibly with some additional information.

Patch Bay comes preconfigured to use Local JMS and SQL JMS. This ensures that ATG products and demos work without any further configuration. If desired, you can configure Patch Bay to use your application server’s JMS provider or a third-party JMS provider, through standard Patch Bay tags. Consult the provider’s documentation to determine the values to use.

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