What to do when your moving day has come

Just imagine that the preparatory stage has been over, you did all your best for successful moving and the moving day will be tomorrow. So, if you are getting ready to move, the tips for the Moving Day in this article are for you.

What happens on moving day

Let's continue to keep imaging. You already found and used one of the professional packing services - for most of your stuff. Also, checked and completed your 30-days checklist and are completely ready for moving day. And you are ready to move on according to your personal to-do list.

What have to be included in your Moving Day checklist ?

In other words, it is what to do on Moving Day and what has to be prepared for it:*get some kind of binder to align all your documents. It will be a reasonable step to separate the folders in the file for every document type. For example for medical records or birth certificates. Or, maybe, separate the file in folders for every family member. Do it on your own, which may be more convenient for you.

*thoroughly check again your moving arrangements. Take a look at your travel paperwork, tickets, car papers, hotel reservations, etc. Try to imagine the situations on which you will need this or that document.

*take a last look at your old apartment. Go around the rooms, check the hidden places, look at the walls, be sure that you didn't forget anything important from your belongings.

*prepare cleaning stuff. You should be ready to protect the floors and carpets when moving and to make the cleaning after your stuff will be loaded into moving truck.

*keep some snacks and drinks for you and your movers. The moving house process requires a lot of energy as from you, as from your movers. It will be rational to prepare enough food to keep your's and your mover's enthusiasm.

*prepare for the last boxes packing. Be sure that everything is ready and no delays expected. Bear in mind if everything prepared for a big move you will make loading quicker and save not only money but also a good mood.

The moving organization list for the Moving Day and a few days before.

It is hardly overestimating the moving checklist importance when you are planning on moving. Here is the little step - by - step timeline to help you to create your own ideal moving checklist.

A few days before.

Prepare your household equipment, turn off your freezer, clean the washing machine and dryer.Reconfirm all details. Be sure again in the moving company’s arrival time. Double check your readiness. Check the written directions to your new home for the staff. Be sure to include contact information, such as your cell phone number.Be ready to pay.
Check again if your credit card accepted. If not prepare the cheque and cash for the mover's tips. The approximate tips for local movers in New-York are $50 for each. In case your stuff bulky and heavy you should be ready to pay up to $100 for each.

Moving Day tips

*Verify the movers and truck you met are the same which are specified in the bill of lading. Check the moving truck's USDOT number: it must be identical both in the estimate you were given and on board the truck. Check the company's branding that was listed in your confirmation. Obviously, check the vehicle number. Don't hesitate to call the company's office to confirm.

*Check and keep inventory.
Before the movers leave, sign the bill of lading/inventory list and keep a copy.Sign the bill of lading/ inventory list make and keep a copy. Do this before the movers leave. Let the company's office know that they leave when they leave.

The most useful common tips on how to prepare for a move in a few words.

*Organize your move. All the moving boxes have to be stacked by the front door. Load lightest boxes last.

*Finalize the cleaning. Check if all things are taken and packed. The “open first” box should be placed latest in the truck.

*Supervise the process. Be sure it is going well. Keep watching movers until their work is done. Double check that the driver of the truck knows where to go and has the address.

*When the loading is over, lock the door, check to see if all windows and doors are locked and all appliances and switches are off.

*Invite the manager or another landlord's representative to check the leaving house conditions and ask him to sign a waiver. Then you have right to expect deposit refund.

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