The Journey

Life has its own mischievous ways to bring forth a journey, a journey where people which would bruise people and bring the real happiness of life. Sometimes the best of life is found when you embark on a journey. Three different people embark on a journey of their of their own but is it different or will they cross paths. Hrehan, Shanaya and Tehrez embark on a journey which will spark a new magic in their lives. Lets take a dive into their own journey.


"Wake up Hrehan! You are already late for your interview.", shouted his room mate, as being late was something Hrehan hated the most. Punctuality and sincerity were the things which defined his life but something was different in the past few days, he quit his job, cut off from everyone. You could sense, something coming in. And so did, Hrehan left for his interview in one of the most relaxed manner as it wouldn't be expected. Well maybe because the journey was just about to start.

The music from the bike's exhaust fueled her life. She would race away her cruiser across the mountains as a pro-rider and yet had never been to a racing track. Maybe fate had different track ready for Shanaya. As brash as she might sound, she was the one responsible for getting the mob arrested and rescuing the girls from child trafficking. Yes, she was adored by all in the valley. But seems fate had reserved something for her, maybe the nomad had to move to different places. At break of dawn, the music started and her new journey was on.

"Sir! I think we need to do something, something very innovative." suggested Tehrez's secretary. One of the renowned Media House's CEO Tehrez had hit a creative roadblock, he felt everyone is doing the same. Everyone were following the same suite. Something had to be done, so that people could have something new and engaging. He called up a friend, who promised him to bring him towards a new journey and so did he leave next week to meet this friend of his and embark on the journey that follows.

Hurray Hrehan!

He walked passed the muddled crowd, and scavenged his way to the seashore. Hrehan took his usual spot near the shore. He lit up his cigarette and qualms of tension could be seen on his face. 'I won't be home for a couple of weeks.' read the message which he sent to his room mate. The usually planned out Hrehan was looking out of sorts, maybe it was the thought about the forthcoming turn that his life was about to take. He booked a cab towards the airport and a mail popped up which read. " Welcome Hrehan! We are happy to have you onboard for this journey. Our private jet will be waiting at the 13th gate of airport. Please get on board for any further instructions. In the next two weeks you are about to help us the unique goal to help establish what we have been missing. Please throw your phone away!"

And so he reached the airport without his cellphone. The flight took off, and this was the first time that he was travelling alone, literally alone. Well it seemed so, for sometime.

In the middle of his flight journey, a man appeared from behind which Hrehan in his anxiety failed to notice. "My friend, your journey starts, pick up the parachute bag and its time to jump off towards your journey." And so did he, the anxiety of skydive with what he would find when he lands rampaged his mind. For the first time he was doing something which he didn't know. But it felt right, it felt so right for him to follow his guts. The feeling of not being responsible for anyone soon clouded as he felt its time for him to be responsible for himself and land safely. As he was nearing the land, he could see a bike, a car and two people standing down. "Who are they?" he wondered.

The Interview

"So, finally you are ready to take the interview of my friend, aren't you Tehrez?", she said over the phone. "Yes! Let's meet tomorrow", replied Tehrez as they hung up the call. She kickstarted her bike in the break of dawn and started her journey. Shanaya had planned most things in her life since she left her village, but this was the journey where she knew the destination, but not how it would proceed. Well, but things had to proceed, as the old saying says, 'The show must go on!'. So did her trip.

She rode her bike past the valley and she had her final halt near the woods. The woods were some miles away from Kullu, but the majestic beauty of greenery and the rivers made it a sight to drool about. There was silence, you could hear the birds singing and the gushing water from the river added a harmonic rhythm to the chirping. Shanaya could hear the noise of a vehicle, as she the car slowly came into vicinity and Tehrez emerged out of it. Shanaya gave an unexpected warm hug to Tehrez as their previous meeting didn't end up that well.

"Thanks for joining, this is damn important." she sighed as she smiled. "So where is Hrehan, and does he know anything about the mess we are about to get in?" asked Tehrez. "No! And you gotta tell him the last task of the interview." said Shanaya firmly! "Are you crazy, he doesn't know what is going to happen, neither does he know me. You are asking me to break someone to the point of craziness!! My whole life has been built on understanding people and working out things with them. Not this way. You are asking me to do something terrible to him. ", frowned Tehrez. "Lot of things have to be broken to build something better, are you ready to break your soul Tehrez? Trust is what matters, if he can trust you and if you can trust me then only we can proceed." said Shanaya.

Tehrez had to tell Hrehan to leave away his parachute and do a freefall from a certain height. He didn't know what Shanaya was upto, he knew it would definitely crush some of Hrehan's bones! But then he knew she must have had something planned, and there they saw him coming down as a microphone on the bag beeped and said, "Tehrez, are you ready for the interview?", "Yes!" shouted Hrehan. "Get out of that parachute bag and do a freefall!" he heard the microphone beep and disconnect. He was rocked, he thought these people had gone insane, but then Shanaya always had something planned. So he threw away his bag and closed his eyes for he could see his death coming! But then as he was about to reach the surface, he felt a safety cushion and safely landed on a safety net. "Congrats! You passed your interview Hrehan. And so have you Tehrez. Trust is the most important thing for this mission and if the three can trust each one of us, we can definitely make it through. My village is not the easiest to penetrate and not the most welcoming, we need to be careful. We need to make these people live back life again, away from the madness they have got into. " said Shanaya as Tehrez and Hrehan looked surprisingly at her.

Both of them knew Shanaya was thrown out of her village in childhood with her family and it was a village run by goons but why would she want to go back, what does she wants to fix now. The question lingered.

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