Nuclear Babies

[WP] Nuclear war has just ended and only a handful of children remain. The children survived because they chose to hideout in a garbage dump, nobody would waste a nuke on garbage. The world now decimated, the children need to rebuild and learn through anything they find in the garbage.

"Garbage babies, attack!" a team of mutated garbage kids started swinging their tentacles and running towards a pack of gigantic mutated rats.

"You thought we would spend years in the radioactive garbage and not learn some tricks?" yelled one of them, ripping off his shirt. Underneath the shirt there was a giant body-sized vagina covered in poisonous fangs.

Oh my god, that is disgusting! one nuclear rat sent a telepathic message to it's pack retreat, my friends! But before it could turn around another kid shot green laser beams out of his eyes, and the rat blew up into multiple smoking fragments.

"You wanted to have us for dinner? Well, now we will have you!" screamed a cute 5 year old girl, while quickly shredding her human body, mutating into a velociraptor and attacking the closest rat.

Oh my goodness, this is a nightmare! telepathed a rat she was ripping apart to it's pack Tell my family I love them!

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