Out of Touch in Paradise

Once upon a lazy beach, in Paradise, Joy out of reach;for somber whispers ruled the breezewhilst heaven's wake washed over me. Anguish such as never 'magined purred it's true deeds while i'd bleetshameless Credence gave me focus,want hey. wanna just go and seenohey why cant wenohey i gotta go this place is fuckyheySo fuck me?noso fuck you dudeyou won't have this long seenoi need more time to ...

one day long lost emeraldinebe given namesakes by the queentales so tall their shadows flickerCall me false boy?your will see.

I'ma never gone get gone!imma never gone give new truths

where you been you thinking these words fail to Satisfy your epic youth?Gone now with that price of shit viewtired eyes strained beheld youthreaten to release for your life's uncertain to continue

...... seee?


you don't?

don't be.

I'm totally... just drained now bro hey the fuck away from here... please. !

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