Early morning. Small county clinic. A long line of sick people waiting to see the doctor.

The next patient, a rough looking middle aged guy, comes up to the small window of the reception. "I've got an appointment with an ornithologist" he says.

The reception lady frowns and looks up from the papers. She seems curious, what a rare bird is looking for an appointment with ornithologist here. "With whom?"


The reception lady confirms that her hearing isn't the issue. But the doctor-ornithologist clearly isn't a common staff member of small county clinics. The lady is slowly approaching cognitive dissonance.

The guy, seeing her confusion, rushes to help. "Well, ornithologist! Ornithologist! In the room 10!"

The lady's face brightens "Oh, endocrinologist?"

The guy nods vigorously. "Exactly! That's what I've been saying!"

...When it was my turn, I was seriously considering demanding an appointment with an ichthyologist. Though I've changed my mind at the last moment. Who knows. Maybe they have one....

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