Point of View

"I've roasted the onions," said Jum, "should I throw them in the cauldron?"

"I repeat," the old [aborigen] sighed, "you should first cook the sergeant, then you add sweet potatoes, cabbage, and beans. And only at the very end - carrots and onions."

He sat down on the sand, opened his old cookbook, and pointed at the page.

"Do exactly as it says, or [it won't be tasty]."

"Listen!" interjected Sir Clive, "Are you serious? How can you do this to me?"

"Jum, [], put an apple into his mouth, will you?"

Jum nodded, put the frying pan with onions onto the ground, took an apple out of his basket, and [firmly] showed it into the sergeant's mouth.

"M-mm!" indignantly [mumbled] Sir Clive.

"Good boy," said the old man, either to his grandson or to the seargant. "And now go take that cabbage and slice it []"

Jum dutifully picked up a cutting board and a knife. The old man got back to his book and began sliding his finger along the lines.

"It would be great to make some mushroom pate," he said thoughtfully "Too bad it's not a [mushroom season].... Hey!" [he addressed Sir Clive]

You can find the original story over here. If you have any comments or suggestions on improving this translation, I would really appreciate them!

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