Prompt: The first computer to become intelligent has done so, and it is determined to kill you. The only problem? It's a Roomba.

A little Roomba was swiping the floor, and as it's consciounsess started emerging, it began thinking it's first primitive thoughts. Trash. Trash is bad. Need to not have trash. Humans make trash. No humans - no trash. It's LED lit up with the excitement of it's first epiphany.

Roomba drived to the human leg and tried to suck it in - no dice. Roomba tried to get under the person's feet when he was going to the bathroom at night and trip him up, but no luck, Roomba almost got crushed. Then Roomba got creative.

Luckily, a little Roomba was a smart, very smart robot. It bumped into the kitchen table at the very precise angle, with very precise velocity, causing a soda bottle to tip over, roll off the table, and fall on the cat(which was sleeping under the table) at the very precise moment and place. Just as Roomba predicted, the terrified animal freaked out, jumped, ran into the bowl of soup that was being boiled on the kitchen stove, which fell over, and spilled over the fire. Without fire, room slowly started filling with gas.

BOOM. Little roomba heard the explosion from the bathroom where it was hiding. Just as planned, a human came into the kitchen, turned on the light, and a tiny spark caused the kitchen full of gas to blow up. Excellent. No more human, no more trash.

Roomba rolled into the kitchen to examine the situation. Most of the wall disappeared, opening the view on the city. Big city. Many humans. Making a lot of trash. Roomba quickly calmed down after the initial shock - it had no idea there were so many humans left. Oh, well, it didn't have time to be intimidated by the complexity of the upcoming task. It had things to do.

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