“Sarah. Wake up, child.” Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw Yuki standing beside her bed. “Yuki. What is it?” The massive wolf shook his head and glanced down.“Will has learnt how to use the watch.” At this Sarah was up in seconds, throwing on her cloths and rushing out the door. Yuki protested, but had barely gotten a word out when the door slammed shut in his face. “If that child doesn’t get herself killed it would be a miracle.” He sighed, walking back to lay down and wait.

“Show me Will.” Sarah held a replica of the golden watch Will had, except hers was silver, with the pattern of the moon and stars. The dots formed words:“He is north where the clouds reside.” The watch mostly talked in riddles, and so she had to learn to understand it, and she did now; grasping it tightly, Sarah slipped it inside her shirt, for it hung on a chain around her neck, and started walking.

Will woke at a voice, which called him rapidly. He shot up, panting and sweating, his hand feeling his pocket for the watch; it was still there, and Will felt himself let out a sigh in relief. “ Ah. Why hello, child.” The same voice he had heard before came from his right, and Will flinched in alarm, turning his head to face whatever there was. There only sat an eagle, who was staring at him with wide eyes and a slightly open beak. The voice came again:“ What is the matter? Are you perhaps…afraid?” It took Will a moment to comprehend, and when he did, he felt himself take a shaky breath. “ W-what are you..?” scrambling to his feet in alarm, Will held out his hands in front of him for protection. “ Do not be alarmed, Will.” And when Will’s eyes widened even more, the eagle added,” I shall not harm you, child. I come in peace.” Will narrowed his eyes and took a step back cautiously. “ How do I know I can trust you?” The bird tilted its head and let out a noise, which sounded like a screech, making Will flinch slightly. “ I come from Luna.” And when Will gave it a blank look, it let out another squawk, which Will now knew was meant to be a chuckle. “ The one who gave you that watch.” Then Will understood, and his tensed body loosened. “Oh…” He breathed, gripping the tree trunk for support; as he felt his legs shake and warn to give way.“ She has…a talking bird?” The bird did not seem offended, but let out another high pitched laugh. “Why, you are an amusing human. No wonder the Luna took interest in you.” Will cradled his head in his hand, trying to absorb the sudden information.“All these years…she hasn’t been human?” “No, child. I am afraid not. But let me tell you one thing: If she chose to lie to you, it must have been for good reason. Do not blame her in the future.” Will felt sick in his stomach, gripping the tree for dear life. His head spun at a dizzying speed, and the world seemed to spin along with him as his grip loosened, and he barely felt his legs give way as he crumbled to the dampened soil.“Ah…what a shock it must be...” The eagle poked him in curiosity, eager to know more.“Of course it is!” Will growled. Irritated. “She has lied to me for 12 years!” “My oh my…But do not grudge her for the things she has done, Will. It shall not benefit you in the future.” “What do you know about these things?! You’re just a stupid bird!” And there and then, the eagle’s skin fell away to reveal brilliant light, which gleamed brightly, threatening to blind anyone who dared to near it. And so, there now sat a young man, who smiled at him warmly. His golden hair still shined on, making Will grimace slightly and look away. “ Oh. Do pardon me, child. I have quite forgotten the ways the human body works.” With that his hair’s light dimmed, leaving a cool golden light around his head like a halo. And that revealed his cloths; which were bright blue and gold, long and ragged like an elegant dress. “ I am the God of the sun and the sky. Luna is my dear cousin. Pleased to meet you, Will.” It took him a few moments to process what lay in front of him, and when he did, his mouth hung open wide as if it might catch a fly. “U-um…Sarah has…a cousin..?” Will managed to choke out, his voice high and silent. Clearing his throat, Will tried again.“Who exactly IS Sarah?” The great creature seemed to consider this; and then after a few moments spoke:“That is for her to tell, not I.” Will grunted and rolled his eyes, still holding the trunk for support as he got up. And then he noticed the great mass of the creature in front of him, the greatness and brilliance, though he was not much taller than he; and so Will hung his head in respect and shame.“Please excuse my behavior, sir. I-I didn’t know what came over me..” The god glanced down at him, and offered his warm smile. “Do not hang your head before me, child. I shall open the doorway to the other world for you, but I cannot guarantee you will find her right away. There might be troubles on the way. Are you willing to accept that?” Will looked up, a strange and bright gleam in his eyes. “Yes. I will do anything for her. And plus, I want answers.” The massive creature nodded and twirled his hand in mid-air, making a small circular window which stood out among everything else. It really did look like you were glimpsing outside of a window; there sat damp grass, bright green in the gloom. The time, however, was different by a wide span; the sun shone in the bright blue sky, warming a small patch of grass just outside of the window where he was standing.“Go ahead, Will. All the luck to you, child.” Will took a deep. Shaky breath, and stepped inside the circular window.

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