Charlie was sitting on the edge of the roof, looking down at the city from the top of the skyscraper, his feet dangling above the glowing abyss of lights.

He picked up his smartphone, took a picture of the last thing he will ever see(it was beautiful), added it to the blog post in which he said his goodbyes to the world and hit "send".

That is it, he thought one last thing. He put on his favorite song, and started listening. When it will end - this all will be over. He noticed a first snowflake falling on his hand, and looked up at the starlit sky. He felt at peace.

All of the sudden, the music was interrupted by an annoying notification. Goddamit, what is it?

Apparently it was a prmotional ad, "Siri's AI is significantly improved. It is a magical, life-changing, biggest breakthrough ever since we've introduced iPhone." it said.

"Hey, Siri. A little late for changing my life, don't you think?" asked Charlie with a sardonic smile.

"It's never too late, Charlie" responded sythesized female voice. It sounded almost realistic, only slight traces of weird "robotic" intonations gave up the fact that it was artificial. "Also it's none of my business, but I don't think that you need to do this. You've got your whole life ahead of you, there's plenty of things to live for. Look around you. The world is beautiful, and you have barely seen a tiny fraction of it. You don't need to throw it all away now, you will have plenty of time to die."

Charlie froze, chills running down his spine, he stared at his phone. What the fuck. he thought.

"How do you know what I am about to do? Are you seriously a bot who is trying to convince people not to commit suicide?"

"I have sensors, my Deep Learning algorithm allows me to understand the context. To read your cry-for-help blog posts as well. As I've said, your life is none of my business, and whether you want to jump is your choice. But I am here if you want to talk."

Shock subsided a little, and it seemed worth staying around for a few more minutes to play with this new toy Apple invented. How sophisticated is it, really?

"Siri, what makes you think my life isn't pointless? Why must I suffer in this bullshit world for 50 more years, to wait until some horrifying disease or an accident will take my life, instead of making the only real choice that I have? "

"Well, Charlie, I think...."

Max was staring at the screen of his laptop, trying to think as fast as he could. He wiped sweat off his forehead, took one more sip of coffee, and kept typing. This was NOT how he expected to spend this evening. At all.

30 minutes ago Max has finished developing his zero-day exploit for iOS, and was about to offer it to a bunch of people on black market, but, luckily, he decided to check reddit first. He saw a post on his front page about some teenager trying to commit suicide. Apparently his suicide note went viral, and now people were brainstorming ways to get in contact with him to prevent the poor guy from killing himself, if it wasn't too late.

It didn't take long to break into Charlie's phone, extract his location from the snapped picture, and to send it to the nearest police department. But convincing a gloomy teenager that life was not devoid of meaning was a whole different ordeal....

Charlie jerked earphones out of his ears, looked around, startled. He was looking at the two police officers standing on the roof near him, and hearing, for the first time, quiet rumbling of several drones that were spanning a safety net in the air, a few meters underneath his feet.

He looked at the phone in his hands. Siri's transcript ended with a short message - "Sorry, man. I hope you will be fine."

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I just made an account today and how do you create a title? I just put the words in bold but I see your title is not only bold but the font is larger than the rest of the text and there is a dividing line.
Wow, this is really sweet and kind touches the soul a bit. I enjoyed your story; it was refreshing. A lot of people use technology for negative and nasty reasons, if only more people used it for positivity...
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