Auto shows and expositions are attended by thousands of automobile manufacturing and assembling companies and several other international brands. Such shows and expositions provide the companies and automobile industries with an ideal opportunity to market their product i.e. vehicles, parts, machinery and related equipment. Auto shows have become one of the most influential selling and trading tool and method for trading and doing business in the automobile industry. These auto shows and events act as an important platform for presenting new models, latest car and vehicle concepts, technologically advanced auto solutions and better industrial prospects and visions. Considering the consumers’ perspective, these auto shows are usually open to the general public which provides them with various benefits. These shows allow the public to gain knowledge about the industrial advancements of automobiles, latest innovations in the new car models and to obtain awareness about the new and some of the biggest car manufacturing and assembling brands and companies. One of the biggest consumer benefit of auto shows is that it provides them with an ideal opportunity to have a look and to view some the latest and the best car and automobile models, in an engaging environment.

Chinese auto shows and expositions of the year 2019:

Most of the automobile expositions and shows of 2019 have already been scheduled. Many of these shows are expected to be held in the city of Guangzhou. Here some of the biggest Guangzhou auto shows of 2019:

• China International Auto Parts Expo:

This auto show is going to be held at the Pazhou International Sourcing Center, Guangzhou. The event will start on 9th April 2019 and the expected last day of this event will be 11th April 2019. This event is dedicated to showcasing of high quality automobile parts and products. This auto show is an ideal platform for expanding your automobile business, finding potential and competent industrial partners and benefiting from lucrative opportunities to enter the international automobile business world. The expected number of exhibitors presenting their automobile products and models are counted to be more than 500. The estimated number of visitors attending this event ranges from 20,000 to 50,000.

• China Guangzhou International Auto Manufacturing Equipment Expo:

This event is expected to be held on 9th April- 11th April 2019 at the Guangzhou International Purchasing Center, Guangzhou. This event is one of the biggest event for companies and industries which produce automobile manufacturing equipment. Exhibiting laser technology, welding parts, automotive parts and accessories, assembly and stamping equipment, body welding machinery and etc. the event is expected to be attended by 1000+ visitors and 500+ exhibitors.

• China International Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo:

This auto show will be held from 9th April- 11th April 2019. The venue of this event is going to be the Guangzhou International Purchasing Center, Guangzhou. This auto show is dedicated to exhibition of auto repair and maintenance tools and equipment such as automobile checkout system, balancing machine, electrical hand tools and lifting machine based products and equipment etc.


Such auto shows and expositions present you with opportunities and improve your brand’s reputation and to gain an influential position in the international automobile business world and market sectors. Auto shows have proven to be successful in gathering car and automobile enthusiasts and international brands which provides you with ideal business deals and potential buyers.

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