The Dog Doesn't Die, and Neither Does the Black Guy

Ten friends prepared for a summer trip. Tough guy Max was going to drive everyone to his family's lodge in a restored VW Minibus. He told them that the lodge was in a peaceful lakeside location, and not only was there plenty of space at the lodge, but there would also be no parents to watch over them. So, being a group of teenagers, everyone was excited to go along for the ride.

During the trip to the lodge, Max had his girlfriend, Liza, sitting at his side. She was a lovely blonde, with a lovely bust, and she had a thing for poetry, but was otherwise an idiot in terms of common sense.

Stuffed in the seats behind them were eight other friends and a Great Dane: Sheila and her boyfriend, Drake; Sheila's an artsy brunette with a passion for film and photography, and was even wearing a camera around her neck; while Drake drooled over her artistic talents, he was more into mathmatics. Kayla and Gary were both quiet book types with dark hair. Jenny was an edgy near-goth girl, she was into the gothic clothes, music, and books, but she didn't like the makeup and she refused to dye her vibrant natural red hair. Her close friend was Ben, he tried to get Jenny to be a bit more girly, only to nearly get sucked into her style himself! Finally, as far as humans are concerned, were Chuck and Kiki. Chuck's black... and clever. Kiki is of East-Asian descent, and apparently a mix of most eastern cultures, although bright, she was rather superstitious.

Trying to cuddle with his owner, Chuck, was Malcolm, a stunning black, intelligent, and loyal Great Dane.

So how're all these tropes friends? Well apart from knowing each other since Pre-K they recognize that they all have a special brand of crazy.

"Oaf! Damn it, Malcolm, that hurt!" Chuck cried out.

"What happened?" Jenny asked.

"Malcolm just punched him in the gut," Kiki replied, earning a chuckle around the bus.

"Hey-o, Max, are we almost at this lodge? Malcolm's gonna need a stretch soon."

"Hold on, Chuck, we're almost there," Max replied, he looked to Liza and added: "When we do get there we'll get into all kinds of fun! You ladies brought your bikini's, right?"

"I don't know, did you bring you bannana hammock, Max?" Jenny retorted. Chuck started cracking up, he knew that after an unfortunate glance in Max's direction in the gym locker room, it was revealed to Chuck that Max wasn't packing much in his pants.

"Shut up, Chuck!" Max snapped.

"Don't yell at him!" Liza cried back.

A few minutes later, Max pulled the bus over and announced that they'd arrived. Everyone piled out of the bus and took in a magnificent view of the lake, but Chuck chanced a look towards the lodge and...


"Chuck, what's wrong?" Sheila asked.

"That's a cabin in the woods right there! A cabin in the woods, mixed with a bunch of punk-ass teens, no parents, and we ain't got no guns! This is a horror story waiting to happen!" Chuck exclaimed, but all he got was a round of laughter from his friends and they stripped down to the swimsuits beneath their clothes and ran into the water with Malcolm bounding after them.

"C'mon, Chuck, the water's great!" Liza called out. With slight reluctance, Chuck stripped down, and proudly displayed his Speedo, becomming the envy of the other guys.

They spent a couple hours splashing and swimming in the water, before deciding to climb out and get settled in the cabin. It was a 4-bedroom cabin, but Sheila and Drake were fine to claim the den for their bedroom, at least it had a sleeper sofa.

Chuck took the room he deemed to be the most secure, his roommates being Kiki and Malcolm. He was also glad to see that his neighbors were going to be Jenny and Ben; Jen had a badass reputation, and Ben had been in wrestling.

Once everyone was settled in, they regrouped so Sheila could get a group picture. She propped up her camera, set a timer, and got into the photo. The camera clicked and they dispersed so they could fix up some sandwhiches to refuel.

As they ate, sitting on the floor in the den, a knock came from the door. Max told someone to get it, so Gary got up and opened it to reveal an elderly couple; Max introduced them as his neighbors, Frank and Ethel, and it turned out that they'd seen the teens arrive and Ethel saw fit to fix them some snickerdoodles. Max accepted her cookie tray, thanked them, and told them tat it was nice to see that they were doing well.

"You don't find them strange?" Kiki asked Max, a slight concern in her voice.

"Not at all. What's been going on with you and Chuck today? You're the ones acting weird."

"Need I remind you that we're in a cabin in the woods?" Chuck asked. Max shook his head and bit into a snickerdoodle.

Now that the sun was setting, they decided to go out and build a campfire to roast marshmallows, make S'mores, and tell stories until they decided that it was time to go back inside for 'bedtime' oh yes, there were some matress springs that sang that night as a storm rolled in.

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A bit of a spoiler in the title, eh? I thought this would go down the expected route but it didn't! It would have been nice to see more on the characters. Especially Chuck lol.
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