Moonlit Sunrise

The breeze rushed through her long hair sending shivers down her spine, as Marina speed walked through the sparsely occupied streets of Manhattan. Her heels clacked against the inconsistently levelled pavement and she hoped to God her stilettos won’t get caught into the tiny spaces.

She hugged her thin trench coat tighter to her body, pausing to catch her breath. The view she experienced made her face light up in awe. Buildings lit up with life loomed over the streets, each window represented a story she would never get to unravel- but appreciated nonetheless.

As she resumed her journey and crossed the road ahead, her body began to shiver. Before she knew it, ten minutes had passed by and her feet ached as if it had been a year.

In between keeping her eyes on her path ahead and stealing glances at her iPhone for directions, she ended up in an alleyway.


She had taken a wrong turn and now her Google Maps was stuck at rerouting for longer than a minute. Her phone which, in spite of running on low power mode, was in battery code red. With directional dyslexia being one of her character flaws- she was screwed.

Her heels echoed through the rundown buildings that stood on either side, the alleyway in question looked beyond cliché. Like one of those alleys the neighborhood cats in Tom and Jerry reside in, jumping out of trash cans, or more like those alleys in every mediocre movie ever in which the female character gets kidnapped or worse killed.

Marina’s outfit fit the bill perfectly, she was even dolled up tonight and had her hair down. Sighing and shivering, she performed a hard reset on her phone. As the Apple logo flashed bright, she heard noises coming up from ahead- the end of the alleyway. She found herself freezing, ears perking up much like a curious cat.

“Please… Please I have a wife and kids,” what seemed to be a grown man cried out in distress.

“A job’s a job, Harvey,” his voice rang out calm and cold.

A gun’s safety went off, she heard it as clear as day. This made her gasp and walk towards the sound, despite the expected danger.

“Don’t worry, your family will be fine.”

The sight that unfolded before her was what she had subconsciously anticipated, a beat-up man begged and cried, nose bleeding, as another taller man in a suit stood infront of him gripping a gun prepared to shoot him in the head.

“As for you…” the gun-shot pierced through the air making her jump. Harvey fell back instantly and now lay in an increasing pool of blood.

“Not so much.” The shooter simply nodded once and wiped his gun nonchalantly, like this was routine to him.

At this point in time, Marina was letting out short pants as she tried to catch her composure. Some part of her brain was yelling at her like a mad woman to turn and run, not looking back, that this was not a movie scene, it was real.

The man turned and started walking away making a phone call, Marina caught a glimpse of his face in the dull lights of the alleyway. His light blue eyes stood out in the dark- sharp just like his other features, they held notes of mischief and an air of boredom. Like he was raising his eyebrows at her challenging her to do something. His attractive face coupled with his tall stature made her classify him under the list of attractive men.

Then she could hear it again, his voice. It was certainly a voice she’d remember, rich tone that was capable of both lower and higher notes- very expressive as well.

“Clean up on Tremont and 3rd street.”

Clean up? Was he by any chance referring to the dead body that STILL lay between them?!

This brought Marina out of her reverie and she wobbled on her frozen feet encased in 4-inch pumps as she turned and started to quickly walk her way back out in to the main street.

“Hey now, don’t go anywhere. I was just about to get back to you.” He called out casually and politely like she was waiting outside of his office waiting to meet with him.

Marina actually found herself stopping, why? She had no idea. This whole thing had killed off her common sense, or maybe her logical reasoning was that he’d shoot her too if she didn’t comply to his request.

Whichever it may be, she stood there and was even foolish enough to look back.

The man in the suit put away his phone into his coat pocket and wore an almost mock sympathetic expression as he approached Marina, “You know it’s a shame, being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Marina felt like she had a bunch of sassy responses to fire off in his direction, but somehow, she couldn’t utter a single one.

He could sense the effect witnessing murder had on her, he shook his head and gently maneuvered her out of the alleyway by her shoulders.

“Let me guess, college?” He peered down at her from the corner of his eyes.

“What gave me away?” Was the immediate response that slipped out of her lips.

An expression of delightful surprise crossed his features, his eyes still remained the same, “She speaks!”

Marina slightly tries to turn back to look at where the dead body lay, the man softly, but firmly turned her back around, “Trust me, that is not something you want to see.”

She gulped at the action as the gravity of the situation hit her, at the same exact time a whimper broke out. Close as they were, she felt the sigh vibrate through the man’s body.

Then he was moving and there was another gunshot, Marina jumped once again this time with a surprised and horrified yelp.

“There. He’s definitely dead now. Sorry ‘bout that.” He shook his head as he apologized and then walked her out of the alleyway.

Marina sneaked a glance behind and noticed the scene in its entirety, a wave of nausea hit her in spades at the sight of blood gushing out the man.

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