Brain Power

The dark room pulsated a dull blue light which wrapped the mad scientist in long shadows, giving his gaunt features a demonic look. The light was coming from 100 human brains which surrounded his laboratory. They all sat in a light blue, transparent fluid, which kept them in limbo and gave them a zap of electricity every now and then.“The red one’s connected to the… blue one, the blue one’s connected to the… uhh… probably orange one-” His song was cut off by a puff of orange smoke.He flapped the smoke away with his hands, unable to get the powdery material off his face or his dishevelled silver hair.“…purple one.” Purple liquid shot out of the test tube he was meddling with covering his face in purple goo.“…back to the red one?” A zap of electricity sparked inside the test tube, sending current through the wires connected to the brains.

The scientist looked at the camera which was set up facing his workbench. “Um excuse me, Houston, we have a winner here, thank you for the Nobel Prize. I would also like to thank my mother who has been there for me all the way.” He gestured to a woman’s head which was floating in a glass fishbowl of fluid like the brains. “And to all these people who have so willingly donated their brains to helping further the knowledge of the universe.”

“You are literally the most annoying thing I have ever created. Do it.” His mother’s head snapped at him from her fishbowl.The mad scientist shot her a scornful look for interrupting his celebration but did as he was told. Walking over to a large lever on the wall, he plunged it down sending shockwaves throughout all the brains in the room. They writhed and somersaulted in their glass jars, glowing more and more blue with the increasing time of the shocks.

The mad scientist started to laugh maniacally. Starting slow with a rumbling chuckle and graduating into full on, arms out, back bent, head back, limbo-esque position, bellowing his evil laughter throughout the room.His mother just looked at him like he was an idiot and waited for him to finish.“Are you done?”“Mother, if I don’t have an evil laugh, I am hardly going to be able to instil fear in all of my enemies, am I?” He had abruptly stopped laughing and crossed his arms to stare at her.“When I get out of here, I’m going to turn you into a slug and give you to the demon chipmunks downstairs.” His mother replied, unabashed.

Ding! The machine attached to the test tube made the noise and the mad scientist was all business again. He meddled with the machine a bit and turned to his mother.“Now you will return to your true form, mother. I can’t wait to have you back.” He smiled at her lovingly and stroked the fishbowl her head was in. She just scowled at him.“Now, for my greatest accomplishment!” He pressed a button on the machine and the whole room flashed a bright blue, blinding both occupants and dropping the scientist to the floor.After the daze, he adjusted to the dark light of the room again and looked at his fishbowl-mother to see if his experiment had worked. It had.“Mother! You look just as ravishing as you did when you birthed me. My my, the mischief that we will get up to is going to be stupendous!” He walked over to the fishbowl, crouched down to its level and tapped the glass.

Inside was his mother in full human form, but the size of a fish. She was floating with her head above the water screaming profanities at her son, but it just sounded like a tiny mouse squeaking at him.“Now my viewers! You can finally see my grand invention. Isn’t it lovely? I’m thinking of calling it The Limb Regrowing Shrinkatro-” Watching himself on the monitor, he saw something moving behind him. In the background of the room, he saw a mass of darkness gathering… It grew and grew until it took up half the room without him noticing. Thin, pink tentacles crept up slowly behind him and hovered near his hands and legs.With a far too moist sounding “slurp”, they constricted suddenly around his limbs, picked him up and turned him to face the giant obscenity which filled the room. It was the brains on the other side of the room, they had turned into a convoluted monstrosity and took the form of a Japanese-hentai tentacle monster.

Suspended in mid-air, he saw a hole opening in the centre of the mass, he was doomed. He had to come up with a witty final sentence!“Well, sometimes science is more art than science, Morty… Man, I love that show.”Then the scientist was swallowed and died.

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