The furs of Snow, an adult wolf, drifted through the wind softly. He was as tall as a wooden chair, and as long as a grown man. It was time for the selection, and it was insisted all adult wolves attended. Licking his grey and white fur lightly to cleanse the dust, he began to run towards the Great Den. Panting ever so slightly, Snow glanced wearily at the High-ranks. He knew there was little to no chance he would be chosen due to him being a Low-ranked wolf and disrespected. But it was the law, and he had no choice but to attend. He was so deep in thought, he only heard a voice boom around him quietly like through layers of water.

" Welcome, all wolves of Cloudy Forest," The announcer was the Alpha, and leader of all the wolf packs in Cloudy Forest. After a brief pause, he continued.

"You are here on this marvelous day to go through a series of tests." He paused once more, and Snow thought, even if only for a second, the Alpha glanced at him.

"So the next Alpha can be chosen." Everyone cheered. Snow gave a Silent wail of disgust. If only the other wolves knew what the tests were, they wouldn't shout out like giddy maniacs.

The tests, his father had told him countless times, were made for the wolves to kill each other. The last one standing would be chosen as Alpha. He, however, had thought they would battle, but his father had corrected him sharply.

" No son; the find your weakness through the tests, and then let you battle." He had insisted for his father to tell him more, but he wouldn't say. A shout brought him out of his deep and dark thoughts. " the Low-rank Snow please come forward!" It was all he could do to let out a wail of distress and walked upon the stage silently.

Now, they chose the next wolf from another pack. He glanced at his sister, who was standing with their mother and was shedding tears. A rush of adrenaline went through him.

" I will make you proud, Midnight. i will come back alive." He thought.

Though he wasn't so sure.

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