A Vignette.

George Henderson drove his van into the parking lot in front of the two story brick wall South Point Mansion. He parked his van.

The phrase 'George Henderson Electrical Contractor' was painted on both sides of the van.

George sat there for a few moments. Then he opened the door and got out of his van.

The silhouette of a woman appeared in a second floor window for a moment and then disappeared. This window was the only window with a crack that spanned from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.

George walked around the right side and opened the door. He entered and found the owner's office. He knocked on his door. The owner's name was Fred. Fred and George were old friends.

He heard his Fred's voice. "Come in."

George opened the door and saw Fred sitting behind an old desk.

Fred rose to shake his hand. "Hi George. It's great to see you again! How have you been?"

"I've been okay, Fred"

George was given a tour of the South Point mansion while Fred explained everything that had to be done. Fred told George that the mansion was being converted into a hotel. They agreed on a price and George received a advanced payment.

George decided not to mention the silhouette in the cracked window. But she appeared again in that second floor cracked window as George started his van. She shook her head from side to side while pointing her finger at George. Then she disappeared.

George laughed and said to himself. "These folks have a good sense of humor." He honked his horn twice. The woman re-appeared in the cracked window. He waved to her as he drove away.

Needless to say; George did not believe in ghosts.

George used the advance he recieved from Fred to buy the supplies he needed to do the work he was contracted to do.

Then George returned to the South Point mansion. He put on his tool belt and climbed the stairs to the second floor. There were four rooms on the second floor. He entered the first room. The room was a nine by eleven room with no sheetrock on the walls or ceiling. The outlets, switch and ceiling fixture were packed in boxes on the floor. The boxes had not been opened. George completed the electrical work on this room.

He then did the electrical work in the second room and the third room. In each of the three rooms, George couldn't help feeling like something was watching him. Several times George saw a silhouette of a man float by him. Each time he saw the silhouette, he took pictures using his smart phone.

As George entered the fourth room, he saw the cracked window but paid no attention to it. Then he felt a breeze as he saw a silhouette of a woman speed by him. She went by him again and he felt her poking him. He used his smart phone to take pictures. Then he turned and exited the room. He returned to Fred's office and found that the door was locked. He banged on the door. "Fred" He yelled.

Fred was not there.

George was angry. He went to his car and got a large sheet of carboard. He wrote on the cardboard with a black marker. Then he went back into the mansion and up to the second floor.

George took off his tool belt and left it in the hallway. After entering the room with the cracked window, he taped the cardboard to the wall.

The following message was on the cardboard. "To those who have been taunting me. Fred hired me to work up here on this floor. He never said anything about you. If you have an issue with this, go tell Fred. Let me do what I was hired to do."

George sat there for an hour without the tool belt. He was not bothered at all. Then he felt something poking his shoulder. He looked up to see the silhouette of a woman pointing to the door. He went out of the room, put his tool belt on and came back into the room. Almost immediately, he felt her poking him. But he saw nothing.

"Ghosts." George muttered. He felt the silhouette of a woman grab his arm. He got up and was led to the door. He was pushed out of the room and the door was slammed shut.

George returned to his van. He saw a car pull in to the parking lot. Fred got out of the car.


"We've got to talk." George said, "But first I need to show you something."

"I'm busy. Can this wait?"

"No. It can not wait."

"What's the problem?"

"If I told you, I don't think you'd believe me. So I'll show you."

They climbed the stairs to the second floor.

Fred stopped walking. "How serious is this?"

"Deadly serious." George replied as they stopped in front of the room with the cracked window. "Take a tool out of my tool belt"


"Humor me. Just do it."

Fred grabbed a pair of pliers.

"Now step into the room."

Fred stepped into the room. Suddenly Fred backed out of the room. "Something was poking me in the shoulder."

George entered the room. Something pushed him out of the room. George almost fell on his butt.

Fred closed the room door. He shook his head in disbelief. "Not possible"

"Really? So you think I faked it?" George pulled out his smart phone to show Fred the images of the ghosts. But no ghosts appeared in the pictures.

George appeard frustrated. "Follow me." He led Fred out to the parking lot. "You stay here and keep an eye on the second floor cracked window."

George got in his van and pulled it real close to the South Point mansion. A silhouete of a woman appeared in the second floor cracked window. George got out of his van."You believe me now?"

Fred looked bewildered "That's why the other electricians refused to do the job. They never gave a reason."

"What happened to the second floor?"

"It was destroyed by a fire. We rebuilt the rooms like they were before the fire" said Fred.

"Except for the electricity. When was the mansion built?"

"In the late 1800's" Fred was correct.

The South Point mansion was built during the summer of the year 1891. It was occupied from 1891 to 1899. During the spring of 1899, a maid carrying a kerosene lantern stumbled while climbing the stairs to the second floor. She fell down the stairs, broke her neck and died. But the fire spread up the stairway and destroyed the second floor. Ten people died in the fire. The police suspected foul play but could not prove it. All the bodies were charred beyond recognition except one. Her name was Sara Benten. She occupied the room which now had a cracked window.

"Back then there were gas fixtures."

"Yep." said Fred, "What do we do now?"

Suddenly the second floor cracked window shattered.

George and Fred jumped into the van. They heard something pounding on the roof of the van as they sped out of the parking lot. As they left the parking lot the pounding stopped.

George parked the van. "There are ghosts in every room on the second floor."

George removed a ladder from the van and checked the van roof. There was no damage.

"Every room?" asked Fred.

"Yes. Most are friendly, but -- as you know -- the ghost in the room with the smashed window is not friendly."

"In other words, I cannot rent out the rooms."

"You can advertise it as a haunted mansion." George said. "You know. Have guided tours. Maybe let people stay overnight in the rooms occupied by friendly ghosts."

Fred hired a contractor to wall up the entrance to the room occupied by the malevolent ghost and to board up the shattered window.

The tourists who visited the South Point mansion paid the tour fee and those who wanted to rent a room paid per night. The benevolent ghosts gave those who rented rooms their money's worth.

Outside the walled in room the naughty female malevolent ghost gave the tourists an experience they would not soon forget.

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Sara sure made a believer out of George and Fred! Haha! Nice read. Thanks for sharing your craft, John. I enjoyed it!
Thanks for reading my short story. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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