Short Stories Collection

The Lost Princess

Once upon a time…

A beautiful princess from a far away kingdom was feeling lonely and bored. One day the sultan's most trusted adviser got her a gift; a magical lamp.

She rubbed the lamp and a mighty blue genie came out of it. The genie bowed down to the angelic princess and told her that he would fulfill three wishes for her.

The princess was very excited and grateful for the powerful gift. She used her first two wishes on having a whole day as a normal person and explore the kingdom with one trustworthy young man.

The genie bowed greatly and snapped his fingers to make the wishes a reality. He brought her a handsome young man known in the kingdom for his kindhearted nature and breathtaking handsomeness.

The young man fell madly in love with the princess's angelic face and attitude at the first sight even though she didn't dress like her usual royal self, she looked as poor as him.

The day went beautifully with both young lovers exploring the kingdom like any youth in love. Before the day came to an end, the young man wanted to give her a gift for her to make her smile one last time, he stole a fresh red apple and gave it to her.

The princess smiled fondly at his action and she leaned toward him to give him a kiss over his lips, yet before her lips touched his, a loud shout came from far stopping all air in their lungs.

The sultan's adviser saw the young man action and immediately recognized the beautiful princess, he ordered his soldiers to get the handsome thief but hesitated when they saw the princess's face, they bowed to her then grabbed the handsome man arms pushing him toward the sultan's adviser.

The princess followed them and ordered the soldiers to leave them alone, right before the adviser argued with her, she raised her hand and waved for him to get closer. She stood on her toes and reached for his ears whispering something to him. His face went from angry frowning to a completely bewildered. He looked at her after she finished and nodded his head understanding what she needed from him.

He ordered his soldiers to take the young man to the castle while he would take the princess back. The castle went upside down after the adviser gave all the servants unusual orders. After a while the whole castle was empty with only couple of servants.

One of them went to where the handsome young man was kept and took him to another room. A massive one with an enormous table filled with food and drinks, at the end of the table, was the princess standing with a beautiful breathtaking smile on her face. "Want to join me?" she said and pointed at the delicious food in front of her.

He didn't reply, he just kept nodding his head with a wide smile. The princess chuckled at his reaction and then clapped her hands softly. The mighty blue genie appeared from thin air, she leaned to him and whispered her last wish.

The genie bowed and went to the young man and served him a glass of a red drink. The handsome man didn't feel fear from the sudden appearance of the genie, he was smitten by the princess's unbelievably beauty. The young man drank the red liquid at once with out breaking eye contact with the princess.

The young man suddenly started to feel dizzy and his vision began to get blurry. The genie held him from his left arm right before getting a large chopper knife out of his pocket. He ripped the man's shirt and he was about to cut his throat but stopped when the young man screamed for her help. She smiled at the terrified man and said, "I bet your flesh is exquisite."

The young man tried to escape from the genie's strong hand, he managed to moved closer to the table. The young man kept moving random to get closer to the table as much as possible to grab anything sharp to save himself. He felt some metal thing, it was a little round with something sharp to it. The genie grabbed was getting stronger, the young man's hand was touching the metal thing rubbing it roughly yet not able to grab it.

The genie suddenly stopped and his grasp went completely loose. He took a step back and bowed to him. The princess watched in shock when the genie said, "Master, I will fulfill three wishes for you."

The young man smirked and said, "I wish the princess to turn into sand fading in thin air and the kingdom be mine." the genie bowed and then snapped his fingers.

In few seconds, the princess faded into thin air after turning into a gold yellow sand. The young man called the servants to clean up. He sat down and started to eat mouthful. He looked at the genie and said, "What to wish next?"

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