The Lost Princess

Once upon a time

A beautiful princess from a far away kingdom was feeling lonely. One day the sultan most trusted adviser got her a gift; a magical lamp. She rubbed the lamp and a mighty blue genie came out of it. The genie bowed down to angelic princess and told her he would fulfill three wishes for her. The first two wishes was having a whole day as a normal person and explore the kingdom with one trustworthy young man. The genie brought her a handsome young man known for his kindhearted nature. The young man fell in love with her at first sight and before the day end he stole an apple to give it to her; he thought that she was poor like him. The sultan adviser caught him stealing and dragged him to the castle. The princess followed them and told the adviser to leave him alone. She told the servants to prepare a full table of food. The princess smiled at the young man and said "Want to join me?"

He didn't reply just a big smile on his face. The whole table was filled with enormous number of delicious food from all over the kingdom. The genie came out of thin air and the princess whispered to him her last wish. He went to the young man and served him a glass of drink. The young man started to feel dizzy, the genie hold him and got a chopper knife out of his pocket then ripped the young man's shirt and was about to cut his neck. He screamed for her help but she looked at him and said "I bet your flesh is exquisite."

The young man was trying to escape the genie strong hands. Only his right hand was reaching through the table to find anything sharp to save him. He found himself grabbing a lamp; he accidentally rubbed it while trying to hold it. The genie suddenly stopped and took a step back and bowed to the young man. The princess looked at him in shock. The genie told him he would fulfill three wishes. The young man said "I wish the princess to fade away, to turn into sand and all of this kingdom will be mine."In few seconds the princess faded into thin air and became a gold yellow dust. The young man called the maids to clean up. He sat down and started to eat with one thought in his head."What to wish next?"

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