The mystery of the Elanoerre Suite part 1: In France just 20 miles north of the Eiffel tower rests a place that had been the subject of controversy reguarding its mysterious disappearances. There lies a place called The Elanoerre Suite you see during my career as a detective I was assigned to sove the disappearance cases that occured here, and now here I am again asked to be called out of retirement to retackle it. But this time I have been asked to lead a taskforce of detectives to conduct the investigation this taskforce includes some prestigous names even some detectives from abroad. This taskforce includes people like Sherlock Holmes,John Watson and others as well. When we entered the Suite there in the dimly lit bar lounge sat a man who we will call Revv. Now Revv seeing our presence began to put out his cigarette so his features would stay concealed behind the darky corner of the lounge's booth. There also sat another man who we will call another name Trevvie for the sake of his identity as well. Now as they observed this man they him hastly retire from the lounge to a place behind a concealed door that was draped over by the lounge's wall paper. As they gave a slow chase to him spectators starred in curiosity,confusion,and fear for they were unaware of what went down but the detectives were fully aware and in order to confirm their suspicions there was only one way to find out.

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