The Story of My Life.

Ten years ago I googled myself, just one of those silly things you do when you get bored, see who shares your name - or what the general people could find out about you - if they knew your name.

In my case I found a wikipedia page. It was amusing at first, surely no-one had written a wikipedia article about me… but the details fit, it had my birthdate, the place I was born, the details of when I broke my arm, aged 14.

But it went on… it told me about meeting my wife, our whirlwind romance and our Vegas wedding. My two children, It told me I developed a device that increased cancer detection rates by two-thirds. It had a video of me accepting my Nobel prize for the above.

And finally it had details of my death. A car accident, apparently I crossed the street and was hit by a car, I survived for six hours as the surgeons tried to save me, but eventually died. I closed the browser and went to bed.

I could never find that page again, my computer didn’t work the following morning and repeated searching on my new laptop never brought it back. Only the opening paragraph had happened already, the rest was in the future. But the details I remember became true as life went on. My lovely wife, our Vegas wedding, my two children. Some of the minor details came back to me as they happened - friends, pets, a nasty heart-scare.

Today is the day I die. I could try to run from it. I could hide indoors - maybe everything only came true because I thought it would - a self-fulfilling prophecy, as it were.

Maybe today is not my day to die - or maybe it is, but I have led a good life, and I will not cower and hide, I kiss my wife and my children goodbye - wondering if it is for the last time, and I leave the house...

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