She looked franctically at the hospital room,hands cold as ice,tears dried up on her face,facing downward to look at her blood stained shredded clothes. which admonish her of the plight at hand.she thought about the accident, the faded memory she tried to allude. why had she started the fight with her parents,especially her mom.oh if she hadn't pick a fight with her mommaybe the accident wouldn't have happened, maybe her mom would have payed enough attention to the road to see the big truck advancing toward them.''OH MY GOD'' she thought as she looked at her dress,she was to be blamed for the death of her family.if it weren't for her they would still be alive, if she had known she would have listened to her mother and stopped talking as her mom told her too, but she didn't. OH had l know she thought aloud to herself, but it was too late ,her dad,mom,and two siblings were playing a tug of war between life and death.but she sits here alive,and well with minor injuries that were less compared to that of her family.OH she thought why had death let her live, why didn't it take her as well, she was so adrift in her thought that she didn't hear the heels of the docotrs shoe click across the concrete floor as she walks toward her calling her name, as the doctor approached her she began explaining the state of condition her family were at ,she tried to listen attentively but all she could think of was that it was all her fault.

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