Tips to improve your career in ghostwriting

A ghostwriter is a person who writes content to which he/she won’t be credited for. They are the bunch of people who write anonymously, hiding behind a name or sometimes famous name and get paid for it.

It may sound appalling to give credits of your work to some other person but ghostwriting is one of the few areas in the writing industry where you don’t require any professional degree or qualification to make a living wage. If you are passionate about writing and completely fine with giving away your work credit then this profession is a perfect fit for you. Here are the tips you can follow to be successful ghostwriter:

1. Begin with lessCareer in ghostwriting can be attain through two different tracks- one is the traditional track in which you have to write books and speeches. The other track is internet, starting your career through online ghostwriting is a good move especially when you’re in digital era. Don’t expect to earn big in the beginning, first you have to prove yourself and your writing ability. And internet is the perfect medium to do this. Expect to earn minimum wage starting out, around $10.00 for 500 words (for SEO articles). It will take few job well done before you start charging higher rates.

2. Make a portfolioPortfolio is necessary when you go out for job hunt as ghostwriter. Compile all the word you have done in the past and develop it in an attractive portfolio. You can also upload your portfolio in different freelancing sites, in order to grab international clients. Give potential clients reason to have confidence in your work.

3. ConfidentialityKeeping your clients confidentiality is a must in ghost writing. The foremost duty of any ghostwriter is not to reveal that the work is done by you as you’re already committed to give away your credits. Trust is the most profitable selling point for every business, building trust relationship with your clients is probably the best way to be consistently profitable as a ghostwriter.

4. Strong communication skillsAlong with writing skills, a good ghostwriter should also possess strong communication skills. You need to be just as good at selling yourself and connecting with clients as you are at writing. You need to be very comprehend about what exactly your clients want. The problem occurs in your work when communication and understanding lacks between you and your customer.People hire ghostwriters for two reasons, one is that they don’t have time to write on their own and second is that they don’t know how to write. Where ghostwriter really provides the most value is in being able to deliver on these two points. A great ghostwriter is the one who is able to tell their client’s story in an engaging way that provides each and every reader something of value.

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