Tips to remove tartar from teeth without a dentist

Hygiene is one of the important aspects of living a healthy life, especially when it comes to oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash at the end of it are three necessary steps maintaining the oral health? However, sometimes food and mineral salt starts to build up in your mouth which can lead to plaque leading to tartar. It is one of the periodontal diseases which if ignores, can turn in to severe gum diseases such as Cancer. It requires special dental tools to remove from the teeth, but it may be a little expensive. However, there are some home remedies which might prove effective in removing the tartar from the teeth. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the remedies which can help you remove the tartar without a dentist’s help.

1. Maintaining good oral hygiene

Practising good oral health is one of the best ways to prevent tartar buildup. Use the brush approved by your dentist and use a fluoride toothpaste to eliminate any bacteria in the mouth which can lead to plaque. Brushing alone is not enough. It is important to floss daily at the end of the day to remove every bit of food from the between on teeth where the bristles of the brush cannot reach. Once flossing and brushing are done, make sure to use a mouthwash containing fluoride to add a protectant layer to your mouth. Not just that, make sure to visit a cosmetic and family dentist every six months or yearly for a regular checkup.

2. Use baking soda to brush

Baking soda is one of the oldest ways to clean the plaque and tartar. Using toothpaste containing baking soda may be more effective than any traditional toothpaste. Baking soda protects from demineralising which is the removal of calcium from the enamel of the teeth. Baking soda is useful in balancing the PH value of the mouth and helps in preventing demonetising. It is also useful in reducing tooth decay.

3. Coconut pulling

It is a traditional method of oil pulling which can improve the oral health of the individual. Coconut oil is the best type of oil for removing because of its inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Coconut oil contains lauric acid and fatty acid which can help in reducing dental plaque. There are easy steps to follow. Begin with placing a tablespoon full of oil in the mouth and swish it for some time. Spit out the oil in the dustbin to make sure it doesn’t clog the sewerage pipes. If coconut oil is not available, you can use olive oil, almond oil, or sesame oil.

4. Eating food rich in vitamins C

Diet rich in vitamin C such as strawberries, tomatoes and more have antimicrobial properties similar to baking soda. It works best to remove bacteria from the mouth and prevent tartar buildup naturally. It can be said that removing tartar from the gums is necessary to maintain oral health. Live a healthy life with a great smile and disease-free gums.

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