[WP] The apocalypse has continued for years now, but you've never noticed.

Bob was playing xbox and eating pizza. There were very few people on servers these days for some reason, and most of them were noobs, but it just made it extra fun to crush their teams.

The doorbell rang. Finally, he thought. He opened the door and a drone dropped a package of chocolate, energy drinks, and more pizza to the door. The drone was smoking and covered in splotches of red paint, but he didn't make much of it, they rarely came on time these days, and were often broken. He swiped his credit card and went back to his game.

He lived pretty comfortably, he was a remote web developer, he was receiving monthly salary, and delivering some projects. He wasn't getting any new projects in years, so he just kept maintaining websites and servers, and was really happy that he got such a sweet gig.

Doorbell rang once again. Who could that be?

He opened a door and froze in shock. He was staring at a muscular guy covered in scars, blood, and wearing all kinds of ammunition, holding a machine gun. Behind the guy there was a small group of similarly looking individuals, a lady in bandana holding a samurai sword, Chinese teenager with Uzi guns, old man carrying a still spinning chainsaw, young girl. They looked panicked.

"Oh my god you guys, what the hell?"

"Quickly, let us in, they're coming!" said the group leader.

He looked at the young girl who was panicked and seemed on the verge of tears. "Sure, come in guys, jeez, what happened to you..." he continued, as they ran inside and closed the door behind them.

They came in, group leader nervously stared out of the window, a lady was putting a bandage on teenager's bleeding arm.

"Are you going to tell me what's going on?"

'We have traveled across the country to get here, we need to find a transmitter and locate the X114 base, it is supposed to have the antidote."

"Antidote to what?"

"To the virus that turns people and animals into blood-thirsty mutants, what else?"


"Wait a second... Don't you... How do you not.... You don't know what's going on?"

"Yeah, I don't really follow the news."

"It's been 3 years! Most of the human population is dead!"

"Holy shit you guys, I had no idea, I don't follow the news, I'm just playing video games here.... You're welcome to stay here for a few days if you want..."

4 years have passed.

Logan(the group leader) was firing his machine gun at a pack of tentacled dinosaur-like creatures "Shoot! Shoot these motherfuckers and run!!" he screamed.

"Oh, no, they are surrounding us!"

"You have the bazooka, use it!" yelled Logan.

"Wait a second, you guys" said Bob, "I need to take a leak".

"Sure, man." replied Logan, hitting a pause on his xbox controller "Grab me some soda on your way back, will you?"


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