What is the real threat behind Death Ransom?Death Ransom Virus is applied against, the global target users. It Executes its built-in sequence of most dangerous commands. That depends on a certain local set ofconditions, like specific hackers terms. Ethical Hacking Training, The file Encryption starts after encrypting thecomponent, that will use an inbuilt sequence of the target file and certain types ofextensions.

Death Ransom works on the principle of the Solid Encryption Scheme and solidDistribution campaign, it makes it regular victims on an hourly basis from November

It is still a mystery why the first version dint encrypted anything. These typeinfections first reported in November 2019. The starting versions are considered aJoke.The Starting version is added like a file extension, to all user files and in thatextension, it adds a virus note, on the user Device for asking money.

All this trick was about to pay for a ransom demand. Where the user will not realizethat their files were not actually encrypted.

What about the new version?The new versions just work as an actual Ransom. This version uses a randomcomplex combination “curve25519” algorithm, like an elliptical curve duffle-hellman,a key exchange scheme. The Salsa20, RSA-2048, AES-256 ECB and simple blockof XOR algorithm encrypt files.

Where the security Researchers are still, going with a Death virus encryptionscheme for applying faults. The virus seems like a solid encryption.

In an investigation done on this malware, it does not limit itself for analyzing newmalware source code but also finding who was behind this malware.

By taking strings from this malware code and the websites who are distributing thisthreat payload. Some analysts successfully linked the death Ransom to a ransomoperator. That is responsible for the wide scope of cybercrime classes.

In the Investigation, they got many facts about the malware operator, who had spenta lot of time on infecting many users, with multiple types of password hacks such asCryptocurrency miners, Evrial, azorult and many other.

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