When Will’s body passed through the window, he felt cold rush through him like ice and for a moment he thought that he was perhaps in water; but that was proven wrong as the cold fell away to reveal warmth. Will opened his tightly shut eyes to glimpse the sun overhead, which shone brightly, surrounded by the blue sky. He unconsciously glanced back, only to glimpse an endless field of grass and trees. The window was gone! Will turned around and looked straight ahead, taking a shaky breath. The grassy field stretched as far as the eye could see, and maybe even farther. Will took a step, and then another, until he was sprinting gracefully forward.

“Oh…” Sarah stood in the dim light of the moon, frowning deeply. “I believe he must be there by now.” The area surrounding her was shining brightly, however, and she flinched away slightly. “Why, Celestial? I thought you wouldn’t give me away…” Furrowing her eyebrows in distress, Sarah stared at the god in front of her. “He was desperate. And you know how I am, dear cousin.” Shaking her head, she felt her temple, as it was aching quite freely.“Alright I will go and find him…” And then her wrist was seized, the massive creature standing before her.“No. This is his task, and his alone. You must go home.” Sarah opened her mouth to protest; however he was serious and threatening, and she closed it in respect for her elder. Suddenly the ground gave way and it felt as if she were falling; however she soon found stable ground on wooden floors, and held her head as she looked up. The familiar bright golden walls of her “home” gleamed in the dark, and she flicked the light on with a huff. “Yuki! Are you here?” “Yes, young mistress. Were you successful?” The massive white wolf stood at the doorframe, looking amused as he always did. Sarah shook her head, sighing in frustration. “Celestial won’t let me go to him.” Sitting down on her bed, Sarah played with her fingers and Yuki closed in on her. “Are you perhaps…sulking? “ Sarah felt blood rush to her cheeks and looked away, crossing her arms in the process.“N-no! I am simply…upset…” Yuki raised an eyebrow, unimpressed. “And you will deny that you love him, too?” Feeling her eyes widening, Sarah clawed at the bed sheets and got a firm grip. Her eyes had changed to a fierce red color, making her the more threatening. “We do not discuss that here, Yuki.” He bowed down on his front legs respectfully, his head hung low.“Please pardon this foolish familiar, Lunar.” “Yes, yes. Now get out of my sight, you filth.” “You must not allow the divine power of the ancient goddess take over, Sarah. Come here.” Yuki was covered in cool, white light, and the next moment he was standing as a young boy, with brilliant silver hair and blue eyes. “Ah…Ash…” Her eye changing back to the familiar blue, Sarah allowed herself to shed tears and ran into his arms, sobbing violently. “I-I’m sorry, Ash. Please forgive me…” Clinging to him for dear life, she sobbed and clenched and unclenched her fists on his shirt, choking on every breath that she took. “Hush…It is quite alright, Sarah.” “N-no…I hurt you…and you left…”“I didn’t. I am right here…shush…” “I am so sorry…I turned you into this…I thought-I thought that you would be happy…Oh how wrong I was! I wish I could turn you back into a human forever!” Ash stroked her hair and soothed her best as he could until she stopped sobbing, and then his time was up and he gracefully and sorrowfully turned back into a wolf. “Are you feeling better, Sarah?” She still clung to his fur, not letting go. Sarah then slowly lifted her head, her bangs hiding her blue eyes. “Yes, Yuki. Thank you.” He nodded at her and started to unclench her hands from his fur gently; however Sarah still refused to let go. “Miss, would you be kind enough to let go of my fur?” He asked finally, Sarah shaking her head violently. “Stay with me, Yuki. Just for tonight.” He looked away and sighed greatly, a pang tugging at his heart as he lunged for her warmth. “Yes. But only tonight. Alright, Sarah?” She nodded, wiping her tear woven eyes and getting into bed. Yuki gripped the blanket with his teeth and put it over her, and then jumped up and curled up on her chest as she stroked him. “I love you, Yuki.” The massive wolf chuckled dryly, his voice no more than a pained whisper:“I love you, too.”

“Hello?” Will had been walking for what felt like hours, and there still wasn’t any signs of human life. That is, until he saw the shadowy figure who was perched by a tree, leaning against it. When he was close enough to be in range of hearing, Will could hear gentle whimpering coming from the figure, and so gently stalked up towards her. She had lifted her head and was staring at him, her eyes a golden hue which gleamed in the shadows. “H-hello?” He called, but the girl refused to speak, only staring at him with those golden eyes, which sucked him in…“P-please…do you know where I am?” She spoke suddenly, making him flinch. “In another world. Where do you come from?”“New York. And you?” “California.” She nodded at him, playing with the watch which hung around her neck. “So, are you human?” She looked at him strangely, but then sighed and hung her head. “I suppose so. But not the sort you think I am.” Will narrowed his eyes and took a step back unconsciously. “O-oh…so what are you, then?” The girl sighed and shook her head.“A Healer. In my world, Healers are creatures of magic,” And when Will gave her a blank look she added, “We use magic.” He nodded, a bit dazed.“I-I am Will, by the way.” He held out his hand hesitantly, and she took it, smiling slightly.“I am Clary. Clary Grey.”

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