Accident X

Prompt: Your job involves computers and you work nights. One night you are dozing off but every 5 minutes you reach up and tap a random key on the keyboard without looking to keep your computer from going to sleep. Half through one shift, you look up and see you've done something terrible.

I felt desperately bored in this mind-numbing job. I just had to sit here all night and monitor cameras.

At some point, I have learned to almost drift asleep as I was sitting, tapping a random key on my keyboard from time to time, to create an illusion of working, in case supervisor will decide to visit. I really could not lose this miserable position, or I would get kicked out of my apartment.

All of a sudden, a loud beep jarred me awake.

"Are you sure?" - dialogue box was covering my window. Sure of what? thought my sleepy, sluggish consciousness, as I mindlessly pressed enter - whatever, just go back to warm fuzzy sleep.

"Protocol Omega initiated! 3 seconds to laucnch...." a timer was on my screen, showing 00:00:02. Sleepiness was gone from my head What the fuck!?


No-no-no! I was furiously hitting escape.



The whole building shaddered, and suddenly all my body was covered in icy-cold sweat. What have I done?

I've heard sirens outside on the streets.

I've closed the browser window, and did my best to look awake and innocent.

3 minutes later - several military helicopters flew by. I walked outside, staring at the sky. Bright green flashes highlighted the horizon. Other people were looking out of their windows, trying to find out what is going on. Then sirens turned off, and everything grew quiet. I exhaled and tiptoed back to my working place.

The next morning, president announced an urgent government mission dedicated to colonizing Mars within the next 3 years, and most of the richest people in the world have already reserved their tickets.

Whoops. I'm trying not to think about what I did that day, but I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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