Artificial Neural Network writes Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

I have trained an Artificial Neural Network on the full text of HPMOR. This is the text it generated. (I have added formatting and removed the most incoherent sentences.)

You can find the source code and an awesome, easy to follow tutorial here.

Somewhere inside him all further. “You have to do science with Professor McGonagall? Say with Fiendfyre?” “Ha,” said Harry, “besides confident feeling terribly not clear with her spells, and tell me what that doesn’t happen, depending on behalf on my own problem. “That sounds like a couple of their brain’s shock, she is going to tell them.”

“Professor asked me in a plausible-sounding excuse to tell anyone that I’m doing,” Harry said incredulously. Then the snake, a slightly snake, and broken the safe while Harry and Professor McGonagall had shouted quietly, reluctantly, gazing through Harry.

Harry swallowed hard, for a polite breath that she could probably see how, in a tiny crawling sensation or repair casting surprise off the Cloak. She turned his hand as his office left. He looked down from the stairs. His first hand stood up across the graveyard. So then it was his.

Draco Malfoy looked at the Defence Professor, so he couldn’t even let him in the forehead, and neither of them seemed to get a sandwich at a rampaging nundu.

“Do not say you joining your enemies.” said the Defence Professor. “No,” said the boy feeling sick in the stomach.

The awful war was almost unfrozen, there was terror from.

“I do find when you do here, boy? I would try to adapt but a remnant of your forces. Just the true inconvenience of rethinking. Have only a thoughtful look in the list, boy?” said in a quietly.

What’s a long in the midst of nothingness in the library, as when he understood how much darkness not to be feared. There had been one hour ago before Draco was done the sensible ceiling that held in someone on your brain’s silver eyes. The gold all lay from the wall once more. Fine.

And that Professor Quirrell would be hard for anything like galaxies everything we’re easy and every sort. The glance would not be over. Now there was too much shallower solidly in leading the first minute and that nobody ought to be a purer thing to realise.

“Could not rissk battle is an Unbreakable Vow to make angry? Absolutely a weak plan on your insanity with something like the Buddhists degree of point and terrible hypotheses like her leaf was testable, by that they would forget by making the prophecy after all.”

“Will lose no other to finish my hands and you felt so cunning as blink to make sure what any of your forces move longer than me, so just in fact you truly destroying a lesson to live, but they might set from this country — you, it works so boy?”

Voldemort floated away from Hermione’s chair, and swept forth… Hermione had if the Sorting Hat was surprised by Dementors; The Death-Eaters were then, and the other rumour-mongers back next to them immediately as soon as their chief.

Hermione Granger didn’t take information up with the monocles of the night of a gold coins from that man’s Legion were only a story, which it was like an adequate rules of common healing.

As a larger mental hospital felt old and that Hermione Granger would probably try to blush, if the true part. Voldemort didn’t work.

Fred and George raised the doorknob a perfect assertion and lowered a deep breath, meaning at she was coughing animals, it took a wretched metal rising step toward the edge from the emptiness of the planet.

“No,” Dumbledore’s voice said in a pleading glance in a calm voice, Dumbledore’s wings suddenly jumped across the table. The conversation looked through. The tone of rising between the Potions Professor shot out of the cushion and so it could sometimes be capable of thinking about it.

Dumbledore had to Apparate the path to some that he remembered things about how to choose wrongly, never say you would be made. Somewhere inside it one lone voices to Hermione, looking at Harry or practically his breathing, and instead of hesitation. “Sorry, Creative. Unpredictable. Said in the war-chest, and if the Enemy could do depending on my Cloak,” among my duel with a Moral Dilemma, thinking like the rest of those questions, necessary, it might have been a pause when wizards turned half-dead next to this than that, and if the minor property shifted it into trousers!

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