Dream World

Propmt: While in a dream, you find yourself in the Dream Hub, a place where dreamers can meet.

I woke up and called David. "Hey, man, sorry for calling at 4 AM, and I know it's going to sound weird, but... 3-17-orange-duck. Do you have anything to say to that?"

There was some silence, then uncertain voice "Wait... Holy shit, I think I remember... Banana-code-zero?"

"YES!! Holy crap, that was real! I was afraid it was just a dream, but we have really communicated!"

It was such a great idea to come up with recognition codes, to make sure that what I saw wasn't just a dream. I knew that being in Dream Hub didn't seem like a usual dream, but having an actual proof that I can communicate with other people there....

Me and David spent the next 3 months reading everything we could about lucid dreaming and practicing it. We got to the point where we could consciously decide to go to dream hub 5-6 days per week. From there we would explore the dream world, fly around, and meet some characters.

Some of it was changing every time, and was different between my dreams and David's, so we figured these were just random fragments from our subconsciousnesses, but the underlying structure of the world was remarkably similar, and not changing from day to day or between our dreams.

Soon we had a map of the territory, and it started recognizing some recurring characters.

We met a young person, whom we could regularly see at the Dream Hub. We talked to him, and he explained that there are small groups of people all over the world who were exploring the stable places in the dream world for years. He invited us to join their group, and explore the world together.

We also met that weird person nobody knew anything about, and later it turned out that he was one of the first dreamers, who managed to keep his consciousness in the world as he died, so he lived here now....

We also practiced invading other people's dreams, and sending messages. Soon we noticed that we could influence the thoughts and behaviors of celebrities and politicians.

Our powers in the dream world grew. We could practice our skills in stable places, such as Dream Hub, and then travel to more distant places where other people's dreams exist, and there we could create our own worlds, and manipulate everything, and have the powers of gods.

One day we got close to a Dark Tower, that stood amidst the dark dreamscape, and it was clear that this was not just a dream, it was one of the "stable" places, and it was eminating strange sense of power. Were attacked by some strange creatures. I managed to wake up, but David was captured, and slipped into a coma.

Ever since then I have been trying to find and rescue him.

Eventually I've realized that the "stable" places, such as Dream Hub or Dark Tower, could be intentionally created by humans, and it was possible to find the original creators.

The guy from Dream Hub, who tied his consciousness to this world, was sustaining the Dream Hub by constantly being there. So it was possible that the creator of the Dark Tower has done something similar. Maybe he captured David's consciousness to keep him there, and sustain that place, to keep it stable, while he would be able to leave it, and go to other places in dream world, or to wake up and use his knowledge gained from Dream World in real live.

I have also heard about ancient libraries, gigantic rows of books about secret sciences and magics of the Dream World, passed down through history, from dreamer to dreamer, containing a lot of secret knowledge about building and operating dream worlds, and achieving immortality through staying in that world after body's death. I needed to find one of these libraries, if I were to have any chance of defeating the person who made the Dark Tower.

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