Drug Lord

Prompt: You're the biggest drug lord the world has ever seen. The angel of death visits you on your deathbed and allows you to plea your case as to why you deserve to get into heaven.

I have made a lot of money by helping people to exercise their freedom to do whatever they wanted. Old fat douchebags in the government were trying to dictate people what they can and can not do with their bodies, with their oives, and I have rebelled against that and gave that choice back to people.

All of my customers have been aware of their choices, and even if they were self-destructive - it was their choices to make. What I did was no different from what God claims to have done by giving people the free will, ability to choose their actions, even if they may lead to suffering.

A lot of my customers have expanded their mind and lived much happier lives by taking LSD, a lot of my customers took heroine and morphine to commit painless suicide instead of slowly and painfully dying of their incurable ilnesses.

And a lot of my customers fucked up their health and their lives by getting addicted to horrible things - but that was the result of them trying to escape the terrifying and painful world your boss has created, and the flows in design of human psyche, which was also a fuck up on his part.

You assholes have thrown us in a horrible world, with no information or guidance.I grew up in a poor neighborhood, and made the best I could out of my life. Yes I didn't listen to crazy priests who were screaming at me that I must obey god - and it made perfect sense based on everything I knew. Just because they turned out to be true doesn't make my decisions at the time invalid.

And you, a rich, happy, immortal being who was showered with love and safity your whole life, who never had to face any adversity or make any hard choices dare to judge me? Go fuck yourself. I'm not going to plea jack shit. I did what I thought was right, and I stand by it.

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