Golden Retreivers

[WP] Reincarnation exists, and as it turns out, our notions of God(s) are actually our half remembered recollections of human beings from when we were reincarnated as animals

I used to be a golden retreiver, I remember now. I realized that about myself when I took LSD. I remember my human, Dave, he always knew what is right and gave meaning to my life. He could perform miracles such as creating food out of nothing, creating light in the whole room, and controlling the metal beasts.

I was craving that sense of security ever since I became human, but I could not remember why. It was so nice to feel that there's somebody who can take care of me and bring me some bacon.

Now that I realize this, I understand that I am the God for many other living creatures. Not just for animals, but for humans too. For everybody who looks up to me, for kids and siblings and loved ones. For everyone who can look at me in search for meaning, and see an example of a human life well lived.

Now I know that it's on me to choose what is right, it's on me to take control and take care of others. It's on me to decide what the meaning is, and to help everyone else who is confused and scared.

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