Heisenberg in Metropolis

[EU] Walter White and Jesse Pinkman move to Metropolis to make money synthesizing kryptonite and selling it to supervillains.

"It's dope. It's blue, but it's better than green stuff, I'm telling you!"

Tuco looked at it suspiciously. Then he walked to his car, opened the trunk, and reached inside. He pulled out tied up, young, blonde woman, who was struggling, and trying to scream through the duct tape covering her mouth.

Walt and Jessie looked at each other, clearly wishing they were somewhere else. Tuco aimed his gun at the girl and pulled the trigger.

With a swo-o-osh sound and a blur of colors, Superman has appeared between Tuco and the woman, blocking the bullet in mid air.

"Let's see, someone wants to murder ladies? Not on my watch! You are going to prison, you dirty criminal!" he said with a smug smile.

Tuco has lifted his arm, holding a pack of blue crystals that Walt handed to him. Superman's face grew pale, he started shaking. "Beat it!" spat Tuco, and Superman ran away, stumbling, until he was far enough to be able to awkwardly fly away.

"Cryptonite, bitch!" yelled Jessie.

Tuco smiled one of his creepiest smiles and looked at Heisenberg. "Tight! Tight-tight-tight-tight! Blue, green, I don't care, bring me more of that stuff and we have a deal!"

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