How to become a serial killer in 21 easy steps

If you are considering buying this book, it is probably because on your road to self discovery you have found out that you want to kill people. Congratulations! By buying this book you can take the first and the most important step towards fulfilling your passion and having the life of your dreams.

In this book you will learn things like:

  • Self acceptance.

You will learn to accept your inner desire for murder, and realize that you are beautiful the way you are. Stop being ashamed of yourself, and let your inner bloodthirsty flower bloom!

  • Setting and achieving your goals.

Many novice serial killers don't understand the value and power of goals, and as a result their first kill ends up being messy and often results in less satisfaction than they wanted! To be a real pro you need to learn how to stalk your prey and prepare a good kill-room, and ability to stet goals will empower you to do that like real pros!

  • Fight your procrastination

Are you lazy? Are you afraid of being underachiever and never getting the results like Hannibal Lector or Leatherface? Are you a seasoned serial killer and a good kill doesn't feel the same way as when you were young? Fear no more! We wil help you to rediscover your passion and become the assasin you always knew you were meant to be!

And many more useful advice that will empower you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams!

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