I'm the real you

[WP] One day you receive a CD in the mail. You listen to it, hearing a voice identical to your own speaking the words; "It's time you knew the truth...I'm the real you"


"Listen and don't interrupt. I'm a secret agent, and you are my clone, you have been created as a decoy, to prevent my enemies from killing me. You have been implanted with my memories, you feel like you have lived a whole life, but in reality you are only 3 weeks old.You were supposed to die so that I would be able to catch people coming after me, and you still might. They have discovered our plan and found me. They are coming after me, and in 30 minutes I will be dead, and then they will come after you. You have all of my skills, latent, in your subconsciousness. Use them. Run. We must complete our mission, or the world will be destroyed. Listen carefully - three, seven, twenty three, thirty two, project Omega. You will know what it means in time. Now run, you must save...." the speaker got interrupted by the sound of several gun shots.

I was pressing a phone to my ear, my hand was suddenly very sweaty. "Hello? Are you there?"

I heard the sound of footsteps and some screams. Then a different voice "Hey, motherfuckers. Your plan has failed. He's dead, and with him your last hope. For the last 15 minutes your headquarters have been filled with neurotoxin, all of your agents will die, and nobody will be able to stop me. See you in hell."

Holy shit. Did he think he was talking to someone else? What is the project Omega? And if I'm the only survivor who knows about it - it's on me to prevent whatever these bastards are planning to do.

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